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Adventure Tourism:
Climbing is a sport which involves making promotions through walls, mountains and steep rocks using physical force itself, using only the body especially hands and feet, help the most people, simply because a special shoes and ensuring rope.

This extreme sport you can practice on the rock of the hill Ahuaca, with ten different routes, allowing beginners and professionals enjoy the adrenaline that causes the sport.

The routes have a basic infrastructure built with quality materials and equipment and conducted by experts in the sport, which gives security and confidence to visitors who want to climb the hill Ahuaca.

Tour guides who know the routes and provide the necessary equipment to help visitors to enjoy a moment of fun. Promotions are made at the time 07H00 to 13H00, worth $ 4.00.

Ecotourism in Loja:
The city of Loja a prodigious nature, worthy of being visited by tourists who love nature. Podocarpus National Park, one of the greatest natural wonders of the country is located about 20 min. in the city. In this fascinating place you can see a charming landscape, surrounded by unique flora and fauna in the world.

The main attraction is the National Park are the shortcomings of the Podocarpus Compadre. A set of 14 lakes surrounded by huge cathedrals of granite rock and mixed with beautiful and gigantic waterfalls.

A place that you should not know.

Archaeological Tourism:

City Celica offers visitors the opportunity to learn about the past through the remains of pre-Incan cultures in the Joint Archaeological Quillusara, one of the most important and representative of the province of Loja.

Religious Tourism:
The Swan – Loja

The lojanos are mostly devoted to the Virgin of El Cisne, and in his honor is the most important religious holidays and Trade of South Ecuador. The image of the Virgin Mary is in a small town named Swan, the beauty of the majestic church in contrast to the small colonial-style homes that surround it.

Relax and Wellness Tourism:

This city is ideal for relaxing by the beauty of the landscape, its enviable climate, its rivers, its cuisine, all this combines to give the tourists a chance to get away from the problems of the city and relax in this charming place.

Vilcabamba – Loja:
Vilcabamba Valley, offers tourists the best ways to relax and enjoy a few wonderful days with the tranquility of nature.

Loja Recreational parks are the perfect alternative to relax and share with family, are modern and safe and allow the visitor to play sports, making boating, hiking, enjoying the children on the playground and learn about cultural diversity and natural.

Cultural Tourism in Loja:
The city of Loja, known as the Cultural Capital of Ecuador, has churches, museums and art galleries that allow the tourist to know its history, tradition and culture. Besides being the birthplace of artists music, literature and art weekly, offer new options for culture lovers.

Community Tourism:

Saraguro, the largest indigenous community in southern Ecuador kept alive the ancient traditions and culture. Now offers domestic and foreign tourists the opportunity to share with them in their lifestyle.
Vilcabamba – Loja

This area is considered an ornithological world for the many birds that can be seen, some of them endemic as Jocotoco, which is considered the most representative discovery in recent years. This species is found in the Nature Reserve Tapichalaca.

A good alternative to travel abroad, close to nature and the adrenaline of the place!

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