Ljubljana: A charming town

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Tourism, Ljubljana is a city that has incredible urban charms, perhaps belonging to a small European country overshadowed by cities like Madrid, Rome and London is not as popular a tourist destination, but the visitor will not be disappointed.

Liubliana of tourism

Photography by jomis

It is a modern city full of bridges, buildings, parks, monuments and churches, all the architectural charm. In addition you can also find several really interesting tourist activities, such as the so-called International Summer Festival, which has many events worth a visit with the family.

Historically speaking today, one can conclude that during the Second World War, Ljubljana was the capital of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia (located within the communist country of Yugoslavia), a title he held until to partitioning the country now as the end naming Slovenia’s capital and installed as an independent country.

Today Slovenia is already one of the countries of the European Union formant. The country’s population is comprised mainly of young people, which is a bit remote from the common denominator European continent can be considered full citizens with advanced age.

As already mentioned, this city has large modern buildings that are comparable to the major European capitals also still retain the classic European charm. The latter is greatly influenced by the architectural style using cities like Austria or Berlin, is impressive as well through the years these sites are intact, as if time and events had not gone over them.

Did you know that Ljubljana called Dragon City? This is because one of its most important monuments is the Dragon Bridge also known as Zmajski Most, which is undoubtedly the symbol of the city. You will be interested to know that this bridge is one of the five that settle in the city. The Bridge of Dragons in particular was built in 1901, and is therefore considered one of the oldest in the city. It is important to note that its construction is somewhat fragile, and so many locals fear for their structure. Some of this bridge are woven a series of legends, perhaps the best known is the fact that every time a virgin crosses the bridge, the dragons that are part of the design moves the tail Do you think that’s true? What is certain is that it was built in honor of Emperor Franz Joseph.

Europe tourist attractions in Slovenia

Photography by aikijuanma

It’s time to meet another of the symbols of the city. We refer to Ljubljana Castle, also called Grad Ljubljanski case you did not know, we tell you that this medieval castle that sits on a hill is one of the most touristic places of the city. You also need to know that this strength is in walking distance from the twelfth century, and has since held several cultural events such as theater performances and concerts.

Ljubljanski grad

Photography by aikijuanma

Slovenia awaits you!

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