Lima Tourist Guide – “City of Kings” in Perú

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Lima Tourist Guide “City of Kings”
Central Coast, 154 meters above sea level (505 feet)

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Lima, Peru
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Called the “City of Kings” by the Spanish conquistadors, was founded by Francisco Pizarro on January 18, 1535 on the Rimac valley, which had developed several pre-Inca people, then dominated by the Inca nation.
Today is a great city is the capital of Peru, and is a big city with nearly 8 million people.

Its historical center and the Convent of San Francisco have been named by UNESCO World Cultural Heritage “by the beauty and richness of many of its buildings.

During the colonial age, was the largest city in South America and concentrated all power of the commercial and cultural Spanish colonies to Spain, reaching its height during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. It was the capital of New Castile and then the Viceroyalty of Peru. Also from El Callao port, was the origin of the discovery of many territories in the Pacific, such as Polynesia, and today from Lima, you can discover the wonders of Peru.

In Lima find impressive colonial buildings, museums where you can recreate a complete picture of the millennial Peruvian past in archeology, history and art, and pre-Hispanic archaeological sites.

Of course, as a modern and cosmopolitan city, offers you to enjoy all the tourist facilities, excellent infrastructure and modern hotels, a variety of attraction centers, cultural and nightlife, luxury casinos and gaming houses, excellent restaurants, in highlighting the exquisite and varied food in Peru, Lima is the gastronomic capital of America.

“But above all, find the hospitality and warmth of its people.”

Usually, Lima is the gateway to Peru through the Aeropuerto Internacional Jorge Chavez, with direct flights and connections to major cities worldwide, and from here you can begin journeys to the inner cities of the country, to discover and enjoy all the attractions of this ancient land of living cultures.

Visiting Lima:

Historical Center: (declared “Cultural Heritage of Humanity” by UNESCO). During the colonial era, the city of Lima, headquarters of the Viceroy, was walled in this area and the main buildings were erected in Spain today are invaluable historical monuments. The Convent of San Francisco, also declared a World Heritage Site by the jewelry and art that has its beautiful architecture.

Archaeological Sites: The geographical area of Lima before his Spanish foundation in 1535, was inhabited by various peoples pre-Inca and then dominated by the Incas, who have bequeathed magnificent buildings and temples, preserved and restored include Caral, Pachacamac, Puruchuco, Cajamarquilla, Huaca Pucllana, among others.

Museums: To learn more about the ancient culture of Peru, Lima has several museums, the best of Peru, which may be carried in the archaeological, historical and artistic. Lima’s museums are the richest collections of all the past Peru. Larco Museum, National Museum of Anthropology, Archeology and History, Museo de Oro del Peru

The Rímac: center located on the north bank of the Rimac River, it will find beautiful colonial buildings, museums, the famous Plaza de Toros de Acho and up to San Cristobal Hill and have an excellent view of Lima.

Barranco: District of Lima, known as the “city of the Mills’ peaceful rise of poets, artists and bohemians point. It offers great night of entertainment and cultural shows.

San Isidro and Miraflores: These are two districts of Lima that are characterized by the modernity of its buildings and services, cosmopolitan, and today the majority of the best hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment, and banking and business.

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