Lake Taupo in New Zealand

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If you visit the souvenir shops in New Zealand you will find many advertisements in which one can read: Lake Taupo is the capital of the universal rainbow trout. And no good reason at all to that devised this type of advertising. In Lake Taupo is a natural trout found with two kilos of weight, but sometimes, some others have come to fish up to nine kilos. Therefore, much more clearly, we come today to a place far less exotic, Lake Taupo in New Zealand.

Is particularly the country’s largest lake. It measures 30 by 40 kilometers long and has a depth of up to 180 meters at some points of it. It is curious, but until a few centuries, was the crater of an ancient volcano, located near the center of the North Island, including three volcanoes that are still active in the nearby Tongariro National Park.

Both for the fishermen of the area as those who want to sunbathe on this singular space, have all kinds of boats, from old steamboats, which carried out a traditional and romantic cruise on the lake, to modern catamarans that will take you to the interior of the cold, crystal waters of the lake. Moreover, in the nearby town of Taupo, any chef will be preparing the trophy for a day of fishing. Imagine if you take nine kilos of trout …

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How to get there?

Lake Taupo is 300 kilometers south of Auckland. From Spain the flight to Auckland to do it made stops in London or Frankfurt. Is the most traumatic of the trip, of course, because you take about 30 hours. But from Auckland, you can take a bus to Taupo, as being one of the most tourist places of the country, there are good connections.

Finally, we offer you everything you need to find your flight to Auckland and the best hotel in the area.

Huka Lodge Hotel:
So you do not lack anything, we can recommend a place to stay in the vicinity of the lake, so you do not have to worry too much. Nearly five miles south of Taupo, Huka Lodge Hotel, is home to the rustic European style. It is the best known resort region. The fishermen become impromptu guides when asked by a convenient and comfortable place to spend a few days here. Furthermore, it is an idyllic place, not only because of its proximity to Lake Taupo, but also because of the riots Waikato River, which runs very close to turning the landscape into a beautiful park.

Its private rooms, divided by the serene river, behind the beautiful greenery of a forest of willows. We will also be under the shadow of the great sequoia, who form a natural roof above the glass ceiling of your bathroom. If you want a little adventure, you are walking, used to spend a morning in the impressive Huka Falls is the most exclusive hideaway in New Zealand. Who has not ever thought of being lost in the last corner of the earth?. Well this is your chance …

It is definitely an adventure tourism in Lake Taupo, luck!

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