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Bled is a quiet place so if you forget looking for nightlife, but when you see it in your peace. Located some 50 kilometers from the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and whether going by car and if you do some bus, enjoy the green landscape of this young country.

Bled is a glacial lake surrounded by mountains, trees, beautiful homes, churches … Being on Lake Bled, is immersed in a fairy tale. Surrounded by the Julian Alps is the protagonist of Blejski medieval castle, built on a cliff from which you can see the lake and the small island located in the center of it.

This island can be reached by boat or rent and you’ll paddle or one of the wooden boats called “pletna” that takes tourists every now and then. The trip costs about 10 euros return. If you decide to rent it at your own do not worry because the water is calm and you will not scare any unless you give hitting jumps. If you decide to go well before the latter without losing the charm.

On the island located right in the middle of the lake, is the Church of St. Mary of the Assumption. Once there, you have to climb a staircase of 99 steps that leads up to the baroque church where in addition, emphasizes the provost’s house and the house of the chaplain.

Bled is a place of romance involved, and therefore a perfect place to go in pairs. The people there explained that the boyfriend is capable of carrying his bride in his arms from the stairs of the pier to the top of the church will have a happy marriage.

Bled Castle Blejski
If you want to walk around the lake can do it perfectly and takes about two hours. If you do take forces and go up to Castle Blejski. This way discover the steep streets of the old part of Bled and a few bars where you can enjoy a beer Slovenia.

In the castle you can visit a museum that is open from 8am in the morning until 20h, if you go in winter close at 17h and entry costs 7 euros.

If instead of a trip a few hours, decide to stay a few days, you can enjoy many outdoor activities: horseback riding, trekking, water sports, hiking and even closer to the Julian Alps are there.

Furthermore Bled is a destination famous for its thermal waters, so if you like resorts where you can choose to relax any more. If you are the sweet, congratulations because you are in a place famous for its pastries and especially famous for a cream pie and note that wealth is good …. This cake is called “Kremna Rezina”.

Culinary heaven after a good hike.

I guess that the photos you will see a picture of this place which I think is a dream for all the senses.

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