La Paz – A high tourism in Bolivia

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The department of La Paz is located in northwestern Bolivia and has an area of 133,985 Km2. Its capital is the city of La Paz, seat of government and the highest capital in the world with 3640 meters Pando is bordered to the north, south to Oruro to Cochabamba and Beni east and west by the Republics of Chile and Peru.

La Paz is a department in very peculiar because it can find from stunning snow capped mountains, passing through beautiful valleys to tropical lowlands. This is due to their different ecological and marked:

The high plateau area which includes the regions of Lake Titicaca, Isla del Sol, Isla de la Luna and Isla Suriki to be the wettest.
The sub area formed by the flank of the Eastern Cordillera real or down to the plains of the tropical north. Its climate is wet and gives rise to lush vegetation. This area is known as the Yungas.

The Amazonian region, which borders the departments of Beni and Pando, lush tropical vegetation very suitable for eco and adventure tourism.

The department of La Paz presents varied climates: cold in the highlands and puna brava, polar cold above 5,000 meters in height with perpetual snow, warm from 2000 to 3400 meters, warm from the 500 to 2000 meters in height and tropical Amazonian lowlands in the north of the department.

Peace focuses on its internal synthesis of the entire Bolivian population and their religious holidays, with dances and costumes typical of each region are the living expression of the multiethnic and multicultural presence that characterizes the country.
Peace is characterized by great diversity of activities on offer for tourism. You can become acquainted with its many churches and museums, historical sites, meet attractive rock formations in the surrounding area, visit the magical Lake Titicaca and Copacabana community, knowing the mystic town of Tiwanaku, hiking and climbing in the mountains and live a magnificent experience only in the warm region of the Yungas.

Lake Titicaca and around:
If you like the outdoors and nature, La Paz offers many options for a different experience.
A 148 km from the city is the town of Copacabana, which is situated on the shores of magnificent Lake Titicaca the highest lake in the world. Near the community visit the Isla del Sol and the island of the moon where you can see remnants of the Inca civilization and Tiawanacota. All these great places to take pictures, rest and relax.

The specialty food in the lake trout that is very rich and if you dare you can try the frog legs and an exotic dish typical of the area. Furthermore do not hesitate to try the sweet corn Pasancalla giant called because in this place sells the best of its kind.
Near the city of La Paz, 72 km, are the incredible and fascinating excavations of the ruins of the empire of Tiwanaku, the site will be captivated by the impressive stone structures carved by hand such as the Puerta del Sol, the Temple Kalasasaya of the Puerta de la Luna, the Akapana pyramid, monoliths, and more.

If you want a thrill of intense strength and endurance you like or feel the adrenaline in your veins La Paz has a lot of mountains and glaciers that will make you feel truly free and alive, the best known are: Illimani at 6462 m, 6088 to Huayna Potosi m, 5775 m to Mururata Small Alpamayu to 5370 m.s.n.m. Condoriri to 5648 m.s.n.m. Sajama (Oruro) to m.s.n.m. 6542 Illampu to 6362 m.s.n.m. Chacaltaya at 5375 m.s.n.m. 

Peace is generally known for its cold weather and the height but also has hot and downs of the most important of which are tourism and Coroico, Chulumani, and Irupana Caranavi, located in the subtropical zone of the Yungas, which have good hotels, clubs and swimming pools empty spaces delicious national and international levels.

Sorata, a valley located at the foot of Illampu, is a very cozy with fascinating walking paths, a few miles from where people can visit a cave with impressive interior lagoons, rock formations and bats in the region that you will live an adventure groundwater.

One place that has become a popular tourist destination is Rurrenabaque, entering the Amazon, which is located 20 hours from La Paz road and 1 hour by plane, which is the limit with the department of Beni . This place, tropical, humid and warm, full of vegetation, wildlife, rivers and places of adventure you can not miss.

In the area of La Paz are very interesting and tasty dishes you can taste, what suqe we suggest:

Chairo: broth chuño chopped mote corn and wheat and chalona.
Charkecán: Pepper Flame of jerky or beef with potatoes and chuño.
Africa: pork broth with yellow peppers, corn and nicknamed chuño.
Huatía: llama meat and cooked tubers underground.
Jak’onta: chuño lamb broth and potato.
K’arachi: Small fish with chuño Titicaca and fried potatoes.

Lagu chuño of: Caldo thick flour chuño aroma with mint and huacatay.

Get ready for a fascinating experience in the highlands of Bolivia!

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