Kuwait: The pearl of Arabian

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Kuwait is a state of Asia in the northern Arabian peninsula on the coast of the Persian Gulf, southern Iraq. Its territory is completely deserted. The weather is very hot, with very little rainfall. There is agriculture and animal husbandry is poor. The subsoil is rich in oil companies that extract British, American and Japanese.

The whole economy is based on rights charges for allowing this exploitation. Kuwait City Al comes in the middle of the desert, it provides the necessary water a seawater desalination plant. Its port is frequented by large tankers from all countries. Its form of government is a monarchy, headed by an emir is holding the executive branch. Most of the people are Mohammedan.

The peak of Kuwait is characterized by very high temperatures and high humidity in summer, although a little milder on the coast. Kuwait is a country where it rains only occasionally, usually from November to March. Many times there are sandstorms.
Kuwait belongs to the Asian continent. It is located northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, along the Persian Gulf, and just south of the delta of the Shatt al-Arab.
The country is bordered to the north of Iraq, and Saudi Arabia to the south. But it should be noted that its borders were defined too late. Its terrain is very flat, rising only slightly when we entered the west side. This country has no river, and water comes out of some intermittent wadis.

Society Kuwaiti Kuwait is mostly due to the large influx of immigrants that have required workers its huge oil industry. Attempts to achieve a higher percentage of indigenous population have not been successful.
The religion followed in Kuwait is mostly Muslim, practiced by 85 per cent of the population. To distinguish among them Shiites, who comprise 30 percent, the Sunnis, who account for 45 percent. Furthermore, Christians, Hindus, Persians and other minorities comprising the remaining 15 percent.

Kuwait’s economy relies on oil, owns 10 percent of global reserves. This poses challenges for 90 percent of its GDP.
Kuwait is not an agricultural country and has to import all its food, except for fish.
The high earnings of Kuwait has made the government gives people very good social services. Besides their military expenditures per capita are the highest in the world.

Kuwait City is the capital of the State of Kuwait, and has a history of 300 years. The city was rebuilt after the Gulf War.

Kuwait has many places of artistic interest. The key is in the coast and the capital east of the country. The cultural traditions of its people are also an interesting artistic.

The air service is like in the rest of the Gulf states, convenient but expensive. Kuwait Airlines connects the capital with major cities in the world.

In Kuwait we eat Western-style dishes, food style ‘fast food’, Indian food and other Eastern countries.

The offer is limited in Kuwait City nightlife, but there are some local and cafes in which to enjoy moments of leisure.

In the bazaars you can find handicrafts and objects typical of the region, as well as articles of import.

Leisure and sport
Kuwait only issued business visas, so that tourism is not allowed. Therefore, the only recreation for which the traveler can enjoy will be those to which he invited his hosts.

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