Knowing Misiones in Argentina

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If you decided to spend a holiday in Misiones (Argentina) congratulations. It is a wonderful place where the quality of the hosts will leave more than satisfied. It also has a landscape that will be difficult to forget.

In this article I’ll tell you some of the key points that this province. Needless to emphasize the administrative and incentive that was given to the tourism industry in recent times.


Jesuit Missions
The Jesuit missions in Guaraní territory was a new experience in the world, and that forged a special page of local history. The testimonies of the experience of finding can Reductions in the former, now used for sightseeing with services of all kinds for your individual and group visits. San Ignacio, Loreto, Santa Ana and Santa Maria are located south of the province.

How to get to missions?
You can air. The airport that is closest is that of Posadas, capital of Misiones, 60 km from San Ignacio. The international airport of Puerto Iguazu, in turn, is located 250 miles away.

There are daily flights to almost all destinations.
By land: on the National Route 12, an hour’s drive from the city of Posadas. There are regular shipping lines that leave from the bus station in Posadas. And trips from major cities of Misiones. Other places to know are:

Posadas is the provincial capital, is located on the left bank of the Parana River. We can observe in Costanera Posadas who enjoy the river scenery and views of the Paraguayan can be made quiet walks and car rides pleasant. The city has accommodations and service all types and for all budgets.

There are shopping malls, bars, restaurants and entertainment that attract tourists and locals, especially on weekends. Guest has become a city suitable for all kinds of events, meetings, conferences and sports activities.

San Ignacio
Teju Cuare: from the viewpoint that the hill has seen the Paraguayan and the impressive robes of the riparian forest Provincial Park. Hiking, photography and traveled by car in one of the most beautiful landscapes missionaries. Casa de Horacio Quiroga Uruguayan writer lived in the early twentieth century in this great land that inspired his work apart.

Parana River: on the coast a few miles from the center are the Playa del Sol and Club de Pesca. On the way to Teju Cuare are cabins, swimming pools and gastronomic services.

Tucuna Azul por parchen.

The Aripuca
More than 30 species and 500 tons of salvaged trees in a tribute to the giants of the forest.

Hito Tres Fronteras:
It is the highest point of the canyon, this obelisk set the limit of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.
Guira Oga: this is a recovery center for wild birds that are threatened with extinction. It is the only center in the country dealing with these animals to resume to the jungle. It is unique birds in the country. The Garden of the Hummingbird: more than 15 species of hummingbirds come directly from the forest to forage in the garden, even on rainy days.

Good Luck!

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