Knowing Guanajuato and environs in Mexico

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Mexico of city Guanajuato

Guanajuato is an ideal city to be explored on foot. That city was declared Cultural Patrimony of Humanity by UNESCO in 1988.  The city is located 360 km north of the Federal District of Mexico, some 2,000 meters above sea level.

Both the city and the neighboring San Miguel de Allende are typically colonial and considered by the tourism industry as “magical towns,” each of them are full of legends and rich cultural life.

The first thing to do is climb to the viewpoint where the monument stands Pipila, the tariff is around the dollar. From the heights you can enjoy the sight of a valley surrounded by hills and standing out among the houses of yellow and beige hues highlights the white building at the University of Guanajuato.

The city had its origins in 1548 as a mining town that sought to explore the silver mines of the region, the city has no founder, had no cathedral, it has a central square. From 1548 to 1741 was not, as of 1741 was deemed city under the name Real de Minas, which was subsequently changed by Guanajuato which means frog-shaped mountain, for that reason, if one goes from travel should not purchase any frog-shaped craft.

Guanajuato Mexico por Scott Clark.

This city is formed as a layer, as being surrounded by mountain avalanches had several rivers. The first major barrage was in 1500, which buried the first village, then in 1600 the same thing happened again, so that it no longer occur as the main river was channeled in 1775 and in 1821 the piping order to build up. For all this it is said that the city is built in layers, the first beneath all the people before the people 1500wen the middle of 1600 and at the surface and was built in 1700 and with the changes that were generating up reach as it is today. For this reason many times when building new buildings and the foundations are dug normal to discover things of the past.

Hidalgo Market was built in 1910, is curious to see inside a clock set in an iron tower with four dials.In this market you can buy from food to clothing and crafts.

The city being a World Heritage Site may not be modified without permission from the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

Another important site worth visiting is the Parish of Saint Michael (XVIII), dance at her door during the day a group of Indians wearing their traditional dress.

Unforgettable place in the city:
The churches with Baroque marking
The University of Guanajuato
The Museo Casa de Diego Rivera, where he spent his early years was its first 100 works exhibited.


This … what more could you wants in a trip to Mexico?

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