Kazakhstan: The country of breathtaking scenery in Asia

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Kazakhstan confined to southeastern China, on the south by Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, and to the north with the Russian Federation. To the west, the plains stretching from the Caspian, and Turan in the center, the plateau is located in Kazakh, to the north, the plateau of western Siberia, east and southeast, the mountains of Altai, Tarbagai, of Dzhungar Alatau and Tien-Shan.

The climate is continental, with average temperatures in January, -18 ° C in the north to -3 ° C zero in the south and in July of 19 ° C in the north and 28 ° C in the south. Its great rivers (Ural, Irtish, Sirdariá, Ili and Chu) are added Baljash Lake and the Caspian Sea.

The vegetation is typical of the steppes, but large areas have been reclaimed for agriculture (wheat, snuff, etc.). And cattle farming. Has abundant mineral resources: coal, copper, gold and semiprecious stones. The main resource is oil. It is estimated that possesses abundant reserves that duplicate those of Kuwait. Toxic and radioactive wastes (mainly a result of the arms industry) have caused several health problems. The decrease in the volume of water from the Aral Sea (for the intensive cultivation of cotton on the banks of rivers) has increased desertification in the area and caused several environmental problems.
Tourism data from Kazakhstan:
Pop Festival of the Voice of Asia takes place in Almaty in early August. It lasts four days and attracts popular groups of China, Central Asia and Russia. Also in the capital’s prestigious Oytrar Sazy Kazak folk orchestra and other groups offer numerous concerts of great quality at prices in the two concert halls in the city and the music conservatory. Offers equal standards of Ballet Theater and the Opera, which features different shows in one program for the equivalent of a dollar.

Almaty has a few nightclubs for entertainment. The disco favorite among foreigners living Dr. Bang is located at the Institute of Management, Economics and Strategic Research of Kazakhstan.
Moreover, the country offers several options for various activities. For those who like mountaineering, there is nothing better than Medeu approach, which stresses the ice rink where skaters trained Soviets, located 1700 meters above sea level. Nearby, in Shymbulaq you can go skiing it is full of athletes on the weekend. The ski season in the area lasts from November to April, and it is possible to rent equipment at the station. The mountains of Zailysky Altau and Küngery Altau are easily accessible from Almaty, and the ideal place for trekking in the mountains, because there are many marked routes of varying degrees of difficulty. Many of the peaks, glaciers Perene, exceeding 4000 meters, and the area abounds in rivers, rapids and beautiful glaciers.

Say Köl lakes lie at the foot of the Küngery Altau, 110 kilometers from Almaty. T

here are three beautiful lakes to the green that can be accessed by helicopter or horseback excursions. Fishing is excellent. Qapshaghay Lake is a reservoir of 140 km long formed by a dam on the Ili River, 60 kilometers north of Almaty. The lake, transparent and abundant fishing is a favorite retreat of many of the capital.

Charyn Canyon or Colorado in Kazakhstan, “as some call it tourist brochures do not have much to envy him. The river has been digging deep Charyn canyon rock compositions and has been in countless shapes and colors, and spectacular beauty. A helicopter tour is probably the best way of knowing.

Public holidays in Kazakhstan are:
New Year, Constitution Day (January 28), International Women’s Day (March 8th), Festival of the spring (approximately March 21), Labor Day (May 1) , Victory Day (May 9), Republic Day (October 25th), Independence Day (December 16).

Undoubtedly the greatest celebration in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries is Navrus or Spring Festival, an adaptation of the Muslim celebration of spring equinox. In Soviet times it was a private party, which prepared special foods eaten at home. In 1989, in an attempt to appease Muslim nationalism, Navruz was adopted by the Soviet Union as an official two-day festival, with traditional games, music, drama festivals, street fairs and festivals and tours.

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