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Jamaica Grande Hotel- Beach View por The Seasons.

Jamaica, bathed by the Caribbean Sea is a beautiful place where beautiful beaches and high cliffs form a dreamy landscape of lush nature that invite adventure. Jamaica is an island at the confluence of many currents where you can practice different sports, adventure and appreciate its varied flora and fauna, as well as its excellent cuisine.

This beautiful island is surrounded by mountains where stands a small strip of coast where cities are built. Jamaica is a nice place that has a tropical climate cooling in the upper parts of the mountains.

The island is surrounded by small islands, cays, shoals and reefs where we see a diverse marine fauna. Jamaica is now a resort of great importance, owing to foreign capital investment and its economy is based primarily on tourism and to a lesser degree in agricultural production for export.

We should mention that Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae music, whose most prominent cultivator is Bob Marley, the country possesses a rich culture and music through the island became famous around the world since she was born in genres like ska, reggae, rocksteady, dub, dancehall, ragga ragga and jungle.

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The most popular beach on the island is Boca Chica, near Santo Domingo, always clear waters of a turquoise and shallow extending up to one kilometer inside waters invite you to enjoy the warm Caribbean sun, if you travel one can enjoy canoeing or rafting of Jamaica, on horseback through the burning beaches, underwater fishing or enjoy a motorcycle ride through the mountains or just relax.

In Jamaica you can travel throughout the year thanks to its excellent weather, the months when tourism is more active on the island is from the half of December until the second week of April, at which time you may find it difficult to get hotel if not plan ahead your trip. If you want to spend these drawbacks it is advisable to make your holiday travel in low season where prices are considerably reduced.

What to see in Jamaica?

To begin, Montego Bay, is one of the most touristic places of the island with a great history and was visited by Christopher Columbus, Negril is an ideal destination for a holiday, the view from the cliffs offers a great sunset sun. Ocho Rios, is another whose attraction is Dunn’s River Falls, which is a spectacular waterfall that connects the mountains to the sea.

From Port Antonio, famous as the residence of no less famous actor Errol Flynn, who had his home on an island near Port Antonio. Mandeville is a village hidden in the mountains where the days and nights are cooler.

Jamaica, Negril, Sail por esinuhe69.

Kingston is the capital and largest city of the island, a bustling city is visited mainly by business travelers.

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