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Indonesia is a country of great diversity, in which the traveler will find lush landscapes combined with idyllic beaches Virgin Islands. In the archipelago, visitors enjoy the beaches of Bali, one of the most admired tourist destinations for travelers, but also dazzle the visitor will remain on the volcanic cones of Sumatra, the charming Lombok, Jakarta, the capital and other small islands surrounded by temples, rivers, lakes, forests and seas.
The Indonesian archipelago consists of over thirteen thousand islands extending along the west coast of Sumatra. Jakarta and Bali are the main gateways to the country, because cities are coming more to the airlines. The Indonesian islands are floating beauty that has attracted mass tourism, for its magnificent beaches, mountains and volcanoes.

In the archipelago there is a wide diversity of flora and fauna. The visitor will discover from elephants, tigers, leopards and orangutans until the typical sea turtles and the world’s largest flower growing in Sumatra. Are worthy of special attention the national park that stretches along the islands of West Irian (Irian Jaya), Java, Borneo (Kalimantan), Celebes (Sulawesi) and Sumatra, in addition to the large pool of Comodo, which say that is the famous dragon.

Jakarta, cosmopolitan heart:
Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and is located on the island of Java. It is a cosmopolitan, modern and noisy, which protrude sophisticated skyscrapers and mansions erected by the Dutch and British settlers and others who mixed infested slums of small shops, especially Chinese. One of the most emblematic places of Jakarta was Sunda Kelapa, the Dutch port of the sixteenth century that gave rise to the city, next to a lovely old castle.
From colonial times emphasized the Old Batavia, a neighborhood of mansions in the eighteenth century and the Monas, National Monument, Merdeka Square, 140 meters of an obelisk topped by a golden flame that represents the struggle for independence. Among the religious buildings worth a visit the Portuguese baroque church, the old and temple of Gereja Istiqlal mosque.

Jakarta is known for its cosmopolitan heart because it is one of the oldest cities in Asia. In its origins, the city was known as Sunda Kelapa, but Batavia was renamed when it was conquered by the Dutch and took the name of Jakarta when Indonesia declared its independence from the Dutch in 1945. National Monument (Monas) and is called the golden shaft symbolic of this great city.

Visitors can take a pleasant walk through the Port of Sunda Kelapa and Ciliwung riverbank. Walking along the harbor and the south, the traveler will reach the center of what was the old Batavia, Taman Fatahillah, which has become a museum on the history of Jakarta. In the vicinity of this place extend boulevards, nightclubs and amazing sights to attract, EACH, thousands of tourists.

Bali, idyllic beaches
Bali is one of the favorite destinations of many tourists who want to venture into their leafy rainforests and idyllic beaches to enjoy, while volcanoes rise beyond the clouds.
However, the main political, geographic and economic Indonesian archipelago is the island of Java, surrounded by a chain of volcanic mountains and where the visitor will find architectural marvels as Borobudur and Prambanan.

Indonesian art is characterized by a notable Hindu influence in the predominantly temples, like the city of Dieng, which preserves or temples dedicated to Shiva temples of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma in Prambanan, rich with Indian ornaments. Indonesia cuisine is mainly based on rice or Nasi and characterized by highly seasoned or spicy. The rice is prepared solo, mixed with meat, fish, vegetables and potatoes and very spicy. Hjstafel the dishes are a mixture of meat, fish and vegetables, sate, which are skewers of meat, fish, bacon and charcoal grilled chicken with hot sauce and peanuts and Bamian, which is noodles with meat.

Undoubtedly, Jakarta and its surroundings offer visitors a pleasant stroll full of good feelings.

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