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Istanbul, once the ancient capital of Turkey, has nearly nine million inhabitants and is the country’s largest city and the only extended on two continents. In it converge the civilizations of East and West.

What clothes to bring?
The most appropriate clothing for your stay are the cotton in summer, rain clothes for synthetic and wool for comfortable shoes and other stations throughout the year.

Transport to get to Istanbul:
Undoubtedly the fastest and most convenient way is by plane. Iberia and Turkish Airlines (THY) flights daily from Istanbul to Madrid and Barcelona. In addition to the many boat cruises that come to Istanbul, a Turkish and a Russian company on a regular basis, linking Turkey with Italy and France. By land

By train, you can access the town from Munich, in the Istanbul Express or Venice in the Orient Express.

Describing the city:
The city is rich in artistic events of all kinds. The monuments are in the hundreds, but not everyone deserves to be seen. Decant the more representative, especially if you’re not going to enjoy a long stay.

Santa Sofia, curiously, this church-mosque was not dedicated to any saint. His name is the result of a deformation of the original, Hag-Hia Sofia dedicated to divine wisdom. Considered the eighth wonder of the world, was built on the remains of an ancient church built by Constantine as a sign of delusions of grandeur of the Emperor Justinian. It is undoubtedly the symbol of the city and work of ingenuity and imagination of two families of architects, the Antemio of Tralles and of Isidore of Miletus, both originating in Anatolia. Waste and presumption. Emperor Justinian resorted to all means possible to make Santa Sofia representing the greatness of his empire. The total revenue for the country went to the construction and purchase of gold, silver, ivory, precious stones and brocade fabrics used to dazzle the rest of the world.

Topkapi Palace, situated on the hill Akropoli, this palace is the oldest and largest that has come to today. Possesses exceptional view of the Golden Horn, the Bosphorus and the Sea of Marmara, comprises an area of 699,000 square meters and is surrounded by five miles of walls. Built by Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror in the most classical Turkish style, is a series of successive courtyards, intended for various uses, separated by trees and monumental gates. The courtyards are surrounded in turn by functional buildings. In losing its status as an imperial residence in 1853 in favor of the shovel, the country is very simple: we must get to Brindisi from Milan and Rome to take the ferry to Corfu and Athens. In Piraeus you can take a boat directly to Istanbul. What you should know about Istanbul, which is located at approximately the same latitude as Madrid, but his situation makes coastal sea breezes soften temperatures.

Hall, Channel (arm of St. George or cornucopia), so named because of the enormous amount of fish that were in its waters are some of the names for this natural harbor. At first it was a private lake exclusively for the sultans. Unfortunately, it has become kind of a polluted river, because of debris dumped by workshops, factories and barracks to the flank. Soon regain its original purity, or at least it has promised the current mayor of the city. Rediscovering Istanbul, for almost a symbolic price you’ll enjoy one of the most comprehensive tours that are possible during your trip. This is a boat trip along the canal, that part of the bridge-Gal can and will stop at all piers, the journey that begins in the European side to reach the Asian shore. During the journey, will recognize the profile of all monuments to visit, noting the city from a new perspective. Take the river to put parsimony comfortable with your camera or video

Sultan Mehmet II the Conqueror built the first mosque in this holy place. It is currently surrounded by a curious blend of religious schools, restaurants, Turkish baths and cemeteries. The Galata Tower was originally from the fourteenth century, is the only survivor of a strong partnership with several semicircular towers. Was the center of the community of Genoese and Venetian. With little artistic interest, is ideal to contemplate, since its upper gallery, a magnificent panorama of Istanbul. Beyierbeyi. Strength with which this district is playing his formidable nineteenth-century palace, its charming mosque, the typical houses and mansions and coastal market.

Üsküdar, you can take the ferry to travel to the Asian Eminn or Besiktas. Immediately upon arrival at the pier found Iskele mosque. Approach also in Yeni Valide, and ma-SEMSI Ayaz Pasa. Fatih His history has been marked by numerous fires that have ravaged. Places of interest are the tanks and Aspar Ali Naki; column Marciano; churches Panachantos Theotokos, Pantepoptes San Salvador, Santa Teodosia, the mosques of Tortola, and Sultan Selim Pasa Basi.

Fatih Complex is a large mosque, with a wonderful patio porch built with a strong classical taste. This contrasts with the interior, a little baroque. Within the enclosure is also a garden-cemetery and several ma – stones with more than one thousand students. This part can not be visited because it is an important Koranic school. Northwestward The three neighborhoods that occupy this area were the old suburbs of the city and its streets are a series of steep slopes. Dramane Son, Fener, the picturesque and popular neighborhood traditionally inhabited by Greeks, and by Vaiat, they live for centuries the Jews. This is a required stop at the mosque Kariya, museum of frescoes and mosaics. Before climb the hill filled the cemetery, turn to the mosque and to the right, find the turbo (mausoleum) and imaret of Mihrimah (canteen for the poor), built by architect Sinan prodigal. This is still in operation, with its huge kitchen, numerous tables and huge cauldrons.

Tourism back to the history of ancient Istanbul.

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    During the summer I spent 15 days touring around Western Turkey and enjoyed it so very much that I shall be returning in June to travel in the East. However, I need to spend more time in Istanbul as it is one of the nicest, friendliest and safest cities that I have ever visited. Especially as I am a woman on my own. The hospitality and apple tea were most welcome and refreshing change from many countries where one is hassled and pestered.

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