Istanbul: Let your light marvel

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Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey grade, one in which the magic of the East and West combine to deliver a wonderful experience for tourists, perhaps we could be categorized as unique as it is at times too spiritual to belong to Europe and perhaps very modern and Asia to be a relic, so worth a visit and tour its many tourist attractions, then definitely the magic of their love story and captivates any seasoned adventure lovers to be able to spend a few days … but you need enough to know more fully.

Istanbul: Let your light marvel

Photography by Peter Shanks

Although there are a lot of room in the world to visit, Istanbul stands as an exotic destination par excellence, and is that not only are natural and architectural heritage throughout the city, but we also find significant traces world history and all of Europe, so walk the streets, see its buildings and its air we breathe evokes a sense of spirituality and memory of what yesterday was a mixture of civilizations that have given rise to what we see today is the wonderful Istanbul.

View of the Bosphorus and Galata Bridge

Photography by Lindsay N. Kelly

If suddenly we wonder why visit Istanbul? We should hesitate to respond quickly which is why it represents, as only its history and is an extremely attractive to anyone, as many know Istanbul is the capital of three empires, namely the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, for what remains of each of them and how to lift a whole city goes from being a work of art to become a superb development of several civilizations, each with different objectives and philosophies, but locked in the freshness and beauty a natural as that Istanbul has to offer.

Here we are engaged between two seas, the Black Sea and Sea of Marmara, so even the geography of Istanbul is amazing. Among the tourist possibilities are mentioned here a lot, such as Blue Mosque, Bosphorus, Grand Bazaar, Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sophia, among many other things like fine dining property in Turkey.

We must understand the following, “to travel to Istanbul is a step in Asia and leave the other in Europe and the Bosporus will be responsible for dividing our attractions between two of the worlds most representative of our entire history, with one hand what Asian with all its mysterious and ancient culture, and in front of modernity and progress of the Europeans, who stand today as followers of a remarkable history.

Me at Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Photography by brewbooks

Well, we arrived in Istanbul, we know all the history, architecture and natural beauty of the area and still do not know what to do, so there is mention Tram, Metro, Funicular, Bus, Boat and Taxi, which is why what are less transportation need to know all the mysterious development of Istanbul. Of everything mentioned above, the Tramway is interesting because it connects all sites in the city, why is an indispensable tool to know what we want, like the boats are interesting enough and alternatives to consider as communicate the European Istanbul with the Asian, so we must be vigilant. On the other hand not the Metro is highly recommended, since it served to tourists unless they are to reach the airport, it is efficient in that, and the bus is complicated, so do not recommend using a hand taking a Taxi be more direct and easy to administer as a transport.

What was there to Istanbul to visit?

We know that the list of visits is extensive, but do not forget about accounts that are “must-see in Istanbul”, an entry is therefore the following destinations: St. Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, Galata Tower, Basilica Cistern and Gülhane Park.

Hagia Sophia is known as the symbol of Istanbul, was built in Justinian and dates from the years 532 and 537, is today considered one of the most representative masterpieces of Byzantine art. This beautiful church for a time he served as the Pope, in 1453 was taken by the Ottomans and has since become a mosque, there were four minarets, a theological school and a soup kitchen.

Bear in mind that when you plan to visit St. Sophia endless rows always, so are advised to arrive early. The method of transport is the tram and the office hours begin at 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The cost of the visit is 20 YTL.
The Mequita Blue is the most important of all Istanbul, Turkey is known as Sultanahmet Camii “or what is the same as saying” Sultan Ahmed Mosque “because it was built by him between 1609 and 1616, yet he recently inaugurated in 1617 under the government of Mustafa I.

It’s a great structure, beautiful and wondrous, but it is less than the Hagia Sophia, the central dome with a diameter of 23 meters and 43 meters high, so this is a stunning building. This mosque has six minarets, which at the time was problematic because it was the same as in Mecca, yet the latter built seventh to keep their distance. The name “Blue Mosque” is due to have about 200 blue tiles at the top, which come directly from Iznik (Nicea). To visit the Blue Mosque is to go between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm, admission is free and transport is the tram again.

The other attractions like Topkapi Palace, Basilica Cistern, Galata Tower and Gülhane Park is without doubt the perfect complement to the newly specified activities, so we recommend your visit, we make sure to go there also a long time, have a camera to the sectors which could be further photographs and sufficient time to enjoy nature and beauty of the landscapes surrounding these architectural attractions rise for quite some time in history, bringing with them cultures, lineages and tastes completely different.

Tea merchants in the park

Photography by henribergius

Istanbul is undoubtedly the city that we must visit soon, however, you should go with time to see all the attractions that trip involved, otherwise we can not contemplate the magnitude of its magnificence, and we will be forced to go several more times to finish get a real idea of what this city really.

Bon voyage!

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