Indonesia: The world’s largest archipelago!

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The Republic of Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, is located between Australia and the Southeast Asian peninsula, bordered by the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The climate of Indonesia is characterized by hot and humid throughout the year, especially in coastal areas. The interior uplands are cooler. Moreover, the climate is affected between December and March by strong monsoon, hindering travel and can cause considerable damage and material losses. Hence the need to visit the islands during the dry season, April to October. The time of the Christmas holiday period and the Indonesian holiday (after Ramadan), is the high season, during which prices increase sharply and is almost impossible to get accommodation.

Important Information:
The requirements for entry to Indonesia are different for each country. Nationals of Argentina, Chile, USA, Mexico, the EU and Venezuela are the only ones who do not need a visa to stay for a maximum of 60 days. Tourists from other countries, all journalists and business travelers also needed a visa, a special permit.

The official currency is the rupiah (IDR) and foreign currencies can easily be converted into any bank, hotel or exchange. The change in cash has better rates than the traveler’s checks, which, moreover, are not always accepted. It is recommended that travelers checks are in U.S. dollars. Most major credit cards are received in hotels, restaurants and shops geared to tourism. In addition, ATMs are plentiful. It is often difficult to change, so it is recommended to keep small denomination notes and coins for bus tickets, donations in temples or purchase refreshments.

While Indonesians understand the differences between Eastern and Western cultures appreciate that visitors respect their customs. In the month of Ramadan is better not to eat, smoke, or drink in public during the hours of sunshine. Visitors must be polite and avoid public displays of affection and anger, some jokes and ridicule are considered extremely vulgar. It is considered friendly to use the little left to spend or receive things. The suit is of great importance in public places and temples, especially in regard to women who must cover their shoulders and legs. In Jakarta it is forbidden to give money to beggars, street performers and unofficial tour guides, who do so are exposed to six months imprisonment and a fine of $ 5,000. Bets are also illegal.

Tourist Attractions:
The island of Java is the center geographically, economically and politically throughout the archipelago, also the home of more than half of the population. This was the place where the Hindu and Buddhist empires left some of its finest architectural as Borobudur and Prambanan. You can also visit the National Park Tenggara-Bromo-Semeru.

The enclave of Lombok consists of tranquil beaches and scenery and little traffic. Dominated by the volcano Rinjani, the village keeps alive many of their traditions, evident in their ritual dances and fights. Here it is worth visiting the four cities of Sweta, Mataram, and Caimanegara Ampenan.

Sumatra, four times larger than Java is an island that holds copies of important and exciting wildlife. You can visit the small village of Bukit Lawang Bukittinggi and attractive, located in one of the tops of a group of majestic mountains.

The landscape of Bali is so incredible to believe that it is real. The slopes are covered with terraced rice cultivation, volcanoes beyond the clouds, bathing the crystal clear water beaches and rainforests attract with its exuberance. In addition to enjoying this idyllic landscape can visit Ubud, the cultural center of the island.
The great ethnic diversity of Indonesia is reflected in its festivals and celebrations. Between February and March are carried out mock combat in Sumba commemorating wars of mutual annihilation. Between March and April is the day before caka Balinese New Year, during which, to the sound of the drums to scare away evil spirits, bathe in the waters of the icons of the temples.

Another important festival is the festival of Galungan Balinese, dated variables, which says that the gods descend to earth to join the festival ground. It is also worthwhile to be present on the island of Larantuka important for the Easter procession and Ruteng for duels of whips in August. In addition, between August and October are held banquets Trojans funeral in Sulawesi. If you are thinking of organizing an itinerary that includes some of these festivals should be aware that many events are governed by the lunar calendar, which dates a few days vary from year to year.

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