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Just to point out that living in India hundreds of languages to give an idea of the diversity that this country contains. Travel to Asia for this town is a dip in a sea of diverse cultures nurtured for five thousand years of history.

Located in southern Asia, India accounts for most of the Indian subcontinent. But the space is not about: it is the second most populous country in the world behind China. 1100 million people of various identity traits.

Its streets listening to the 200 and 400 languages, including 22 officers (including Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi). Demographic tight, as evidenced by its major cities: Mumbai (17 million), Calcutta (13 million), the capital, New Delhi (11 million), Chennai (7 million), Hyderabad (with 6 million ), Bangalore (5 million) between them.

Of all these, the capital is without doubt the most crowded, and best known abroad. Perhaps it is the gateway for those entering the country by air.

Some points of access required, including: Hinduist Laxmi Narayan Temple, the Mausoleum of the Emperor (which dates from 1565), Jaipur or “Pink City” (the color of their buildings), the Royal Palace and its museum, the Observatory Built by Maharaja Jai Singh II and the many bazaars of the city. New Delhi hotels offer CrownePlaza as Surya, the Jaypee Palace Mansingh or the Westend Inn.

If cultures are identified with a specific color from the sky a mosaic India seem mixed. Various ethnic groups living on the streets and at the same time integrate cultural islands. The history of this country reveals that large migrations undoubtedly found its diverse demographics.

Spirituality is evident in the day to day. It is a trait known in the Indian world and sought by those who prefer the exotic tourism. Thousands of travelers were crowded during the summer for a plane ride that will feel the religion that is breathed in the atmosphere of the country’s sacred cows. Many of these nomads momentary stay in the country a year off to absorb as much as possible of that essence.

The variety of cultures leads to the religious denominations. Including Hinduism is presented as the main religion, while Buddhism and Islam as religions that are established practice two broad sectors of society. Probably one of the leading role as the key to many faiths and backgrounds together in an amazing drive. Because Hinduism refers to a philosophy of life as a closed dogma: an open position that allows any religion that preaches that every person must choose their own path.

The diversity of beliefs and customs as a feature that turns out to India in a unique and mystical. Its intellectuals and artists took pains to export images and reflections on the rigid social structure, traditions and religious diversity. Indeed, India appears to be the world’s leading producer of films, with about a thousand tapes filmed per year in various languages (Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, mostly).

While the diversity of belief is evident in the dresses desentonan European customs. Especially women’s clothes too tight or provocative. Although not mandatory, many tourists may be a good opportunity to try the shirt salwar comfortable, informal dress of Indian women, consisting of trousers, a smock, and three quarts of dupata, scarf covering her hair.

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