Huaraz, Peru City

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Huaraz is a city of Peru, capital of Ancash, and the province of Huaraz, as well as headquarters of the Regional Government of Ancash. The city is located in the central, south-east of the center of the department of Ancash, in the valley of the Saint, called “Callejón de Huaylas.”

Huaraz has several modern buildings, broad avenues and at different points on its periphery stand urbanisations Its attractive traditional neighborhoods Centennial, Belen, La Soledad, San Francisco and Huarupampa has not abandoned its original charm and attraction.

It is a destination for sports adventure in the mountains. It is also known as “the most noble and generous city” name dates from the time of the struggle for the independence of Peru.

Main attractions:
Lake Yanganuco

Regional Museum of Huaraz: Located in the Plaza de Armas, is the most important Lithic Museum of America, home to more than 1000 pieces monoliths, ceramics, fabrics, weapons and utensils of various pre-Hispanic cultures.

Lookout: Located beside the Cross Rataquenua allows the tourist to observe the city in all its glory.

Jirón-Jose Olaya: It is a street a few blocks, typical of colonial architecture, and the only one who resisted the 1970 earthquake. is in the Barrio de la Soledad, where he can see the traditional pattern of Huaraz.

Archaeological Remains of Wilcahuain: 6 km from the city, is a temple of stone platforms with overlapping, is divided into three floors, WARI influence.

Monterrico-baths: From the city of Huaraz at 7 kilometers along the central road leads to this elegant and convenient infrastructure, its attractiveness is a thermo-medicinal waters, with one-person and two-man pools, pools for adults and children.

With regard to its infrastructure for tourism, Huaraz has hotels, inns, lodging houses and restaurants in categoria, travel and tourism, mountaineering clubs, discos and all services necessary for a pleasant stay.

The maximum annual temperature ranges from 24 ° C and 7 ° C, and climate in Huaraz has two well defined. Temperate and dry from May to September, its climate is called “Summer Andino,” the weather is nice this time of year, with bright sunny days and cold nights. The rainy season is between the months of October through April, the sun shines in the morning and rain in the afternoon, he receives between 500 to 1000 mm of annual rainfall.

The cuisine Huaracina and the Callejon de Huaylas is varied and exquisite cuisine Andean testimony. Enjoy every one of the stews is a way to learn about the cultures of the peoples of the Callejon de Huaylas. Among the dishes is the Cuy Picante, Llunca with Kashki Gallina, Cuchicanca, of charqui Chancho, Choclo, Truchas Fritas, Dulce (api) Pumpkin, Tamales, humitas, Pachamanca, Pecan Soup. All these delicacies can be accompanied with a heladita of Chicha Jora.

Huaraz in the Callejon de Huaylas and there are restaurants offering food regionally, nationally and internationally.

Access Roads:
By Land: To reach Huaraz have three routes of travel.
“Lima-Huaraz-Pativilca: 408 km (6-8 hours by bus via a paved road).
“Casma-Huaraz: 150 km (6 hours by bus, 20% is paved road).
‘Santa-Huaraz-Huallanca: 227 km (5 hours and 30 minutes via road).
By Air: From 12/02/2007 LC Busre the airline offers flights to the “Callejón de Huaylas – Huaraz. Exits Lima (Jorge Chavez Airport) is at 12:50 p.m. arrival to Huaraz (Arias Grazianni Airport) at 13:40 hours, departure from Huaraz at 14:10 pm with arrival in Lima at 15:00 hours.
The starting price is $ 79.00 dollars for adults, infants and children $ 39.75 $ 7.9 dollars.

Good place, good food, good prices and super economical lodgings for tourists from outside, what else can you ask from a fantastic holiday in Peru!

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