Hotels in the Cordillera de los Andes

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Hoteles en la Cordillera de los Andes

The mountain system consists of the «Cordillera de los Andes» reached incredible heights, namely 4000 and 6000 meters, so impressive and like all tourists have the opportunity to see at least one of its parts. Being the largest mountain ranges in the Americas and one of the most impressive and important in the world, runs north to south orientation, extending a total of approximately 7500 km which takes intrinsic part of the geography of countries like Bolivia, Ecuador , Peru, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela.

Finding a good hotel to stay, we found an abundant supply in each of the areas taking part the Andes, however, are just some of them well enough to put up as scheduled «luxury» and this is where we find:

Argentina Hotel selection:

A hotel known as «Correntoso, Lake & River Hotel» offers visitors a stunning amount of amenities, but in any way never enough to compare with the beauty of the landscape in which it is immersed.

Located at the mouth of the river Correntoso and union with the Lake Nahuel Huapi, the hotel really delivers one of the most spectacular views of the Andes that we expect to observe, to seem as if we could play.

The advantage of staying at the hotel Correntoso is enviable for many, since we are in the Patagonia region of Argentina and we have a variety of flora and fauna to admire.

The development of the interior of the hotel blends seamlessly with the rustic luxury, so anyone looking for an extraordinary level hotel, you will feel completely comfortable here. Wood is one of the main elements in the hotel’s architectural work Correntoso, an issue that further increases the feeling of freedom and tranquility.

One of the things to be emphasized in this beautiful place is to have windows overlooking the lake and just as the range, regardless of the time and place where we are, we see the landscape that surrounds us abroad, an issue that many of overwhelm at certain times.

Here we can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, fishing, kayaking, sailing, rafting, horseback riding, trekking, canopy and even visit the mountain.

Hotels in the Cordillera de los Andes

Colombia Hotel selection:

Colombia is another country that engages in the way of the Andes, so we are pleased to refer to a hotel which we liked a lot in every way.

If the next trip to Colombia is defined, the Mercure Hotel Ibague Altamira is a perfect choice to stay. Located in the mountain range, it is necessary for a holiday or even for a business trip for those who need a good standard of accommodation. Beyond having a blue sky and beautiful natural environment, who will decide for this option are just five minutes from the airport and a few more of the business centers of the city.

The hotel in question, has 102 deluxe rooms also boasts six suites, heated pool, tennis court, gym, games room, two restaurants, conference rooms, among other agencies. The particularities of this hotel meet recurring interests tourists rather demanding, for example, there are beauty treatments, indoor parking, currency exchange, fully equipped to service rooms and restaurants with Italian and French trends.

Hotels selection in Chile:

For lovers of skiing and snow sports, Santiago de Chile offers alternatives surprising, as has one of the best skiing to be found in South America, so at that point and should think a little longer visit this country and narrow that emerges as the latest in the world.

Hotels in the Cordillera de los Andes 

Two options for the next visitors to luxury hotels are close to the Andes in Chile, because you’re just in it, while the other is pretty close.

The first is the Ski Resort and Hotel Portillo, which is about 150 kilometers from the city of Santiago on the international route to Mendoza, Argentina. This place is one of the best ski resorts in the world, thus had the opportunity to host one of the ski world championships for some time.

The Hotel Portillo is one of complete luxury, can accommodate 500 people and offers a full infrastructure to support and pay for the performance of winter sports, so the fun and comfort is guaranteed. The occupants of this amazing hotel can enjoy swimming, ski lessons, restaurant, equipment rental and more.

Despite being a luxury hotel-style rooms have simple but well kept, so there is no imaginable electronics furniture exaggerated or useless, and everything is perfectly designed so you can make perfect use of the units. The view to the mountains is superb, so if the idea is to traverse snowfields, skiing, snowboarding, then surely Portillo is a clear choice for those who decide to visit South America.

The second option is the Grand Hyatt Santiago, who was not really on the range, but is facing a few kilometers. The rooms of this luxury hotel are wonderful and are configured so that is available for all requirements, including a diplomatic and other presidential version.

The range of restaurants that owns this complex is quite attractive, and we find the so-called «Anakena» which is in the gardens of the hotel and has exotic specialties from Thailand, also specialize in meat, fish and seafood. The choice of restaurant is known as «Matsuri» and is a very sophisticated Japanese-style. It also has private rooms, a Sushi & Sashimi Bar, and even the option of cooking with the chef. Finally there is the «Senso», which provides customers with Italian food with Mediterranean touches.

Despite being a small selection of hotels in South America, are rather special characteristics, and primarily to provide all the freedom to play sports in the snow and spectacular holiday in the majestic Andes.

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