Hotels in Bolivia: Tips for those who arrive first

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A trip to the country’s highlands or also called Tibet of the Americas guarantees the discovery of its great tourist attractions, both historical and natural. Such as the magnificent ruins of Tiwanaku are, after Machu Picchu, the most important in South America.


Photography by Valdiney Pimenta

Madidi National Park is one of the world’s richest regions in biodiversity, while Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable legendary birthplace of the world and attract the Inca Empire, no doubt, the attention and interest of any visitor to be provided to meet Bolivia. Another important pole of attraction is the city of Potosí, declared a World Heritage Site and leaving all the silver coins to Europe and the world.

However, despite the wonders that houses throughout its territory, the Andean country’s hotel quality is not the same height. Bolivia is not an expensive place to stay and the price is not very high, which affects their range of services provided. Therefore, the best choice for the traveler is booking for hotels ahead of time via the Internet and looked up the opinion of previous travelers. If you want to look for accommodation in the capital of the world’s highest altitude, La Paz (3640 meters), several of the best establishments recommended by guests who stayed there are the Maison Aparthotel, La Loge or Columbus LP where you can sleep at night $ 65. It is also possible to get a room in pension $ 40, but are not suitable. In La Paz you can enjoy its Archaeological Museum, the Church of San Francisco or the Witches Market.

In preparing the new location weeks earlier, the future visitor must take into account Bolivia carry light clothes with some coats to prevent possible incidents weather, although the country’s annual average temperature is 30 degrees. The only foreign currency that is accepted without any problem is the U.S. dollar, so there is no problem to change foreign currency. In the outbreaks of yellow fever in areas such as the Yungas and Chapare the traveler must make sure they have the certificate of vaccination against yellow fever when he wants to go to them. But in particular, the main drawback to be overcome as you can is altitude sickness, lack of adaptation of the organism to altitude by a lack of oxygen and indigenous Bolivians chew coca leaf fight. Bolivia is a paradise of peace, especially in areas inhabited by indigenous people where the tourist is not well received.

Santa Cruz is Bolivia’s most populous city and one of the most visited monuments in the amount of which has: the Basilica of San Lorenzo, the colonial Plaza Metropolitana September 24 or Piraí River cabins. In this city you can sleep with guarantees on two small hotels: the Grand Hotel Santa Cruz and Regina Mary Hostel, simple and inexpensive.

In Sucre the offer is extended with several lodgings as the Hotel Glorieta, Los Solares, Hostal de su Merced or the stove, where you can also sample the local cuisine. Essential to explore its historical and paleontological traces of the Cretaceous period. In Cochabamba, the third most important city in Bolivia, there are many hostels for the night, as Jordan, Versailles or the Concorde, where one can relax from $ 13 night.

Tourism in Bolivia is cheap especially for the European traveler.

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