Holidays in the Alps: 6 hotels to choose from

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Gîte de Montvilliers

The Alps mountain range form the largest and most important in Europe. This is a mountain of exquisite nature, which is characterized by a large number of peaks over 4,000 meters and the highest of all is the Mont Blanc, with 4810 meters high. Here, six hotels that stands up there in the Alps.

Among the many and impressive attractions that can be seen in the Alps, highlights the rivers which cross the mountains, a large amount of fertile farmland, some very large glaciers, as in Aletsch Glacier, the largest in Europe West, and a lot of ruins of ancient civilizations that once inhabited the region, Celts, Germans and Romans.

Another attraction impressive Alps offers tourists that visit is the chance to appreciate a wide variety of scenery in a rather small area, since they vary significantly as altitude increases, so on the side of a mountain, you can watch how they change the scenery as you ascend.

Due to the extremely attractive offer Alps, they have become, from long ago, one of the most preferred destinations by tourists, since they not only are ideal for all winter sports and some extreme sports but they themselves may have built a large number of facilities to assist and accommodate tourists.

One of the best ways to enjoy all that nature offers Alps, is staying at one of the many hotels or houses that are in place, as the same may be away from large populations and, consequently, large agglomerations of people, but without losing the luxury and amenities that hotels offer.

Some hotels and cottages including anyone visiting the Alps can choose from are:

The Gite de Montvilliers:

This is a hotel that works in an old farmhouse. The same is run by its owners, so that the care they received at the place is very personal. Is located at 1150 meters high, so that from the Gite de Montvilliers you can get a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape. It has capacity for 28 people, with rooms for 2, 3 and 4.

Mercure les Deux-Alpes:

The Mercure les Deux-Alpes is a hotel in France, the Alps that is located at 1800 meters high in the Alps, more particularly in the region for France. This is characterized for being quite far from other human constructions, but in it, guests are provided with every amenity imaginable and also with the possibility of hiring a large number of excursions in the region.

Holidays in the Alps: 6 hotels to choose from

Des Alpes Hotel:

It is a beautiful 3-star hotel located in the area for Swiss Alps. The same has ideal facilities to accommodate winter sports enthusiasts, especially those who enjoy skiing, as this has an excellent private airstrip.

Hotel Rural Mirasierra:

This is a very new hotel, the same is located in the area of Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, so the surrounding natural environment is truly impeccable. This hotel is characterized most of the rooms have private terrace, offering guests some spectacular views of the surrounding environment.

Holidays in the Alps

Cottage Hautes-Alpes:

The Cottage High Alps Alpine is a country house which is right in the middle of a ski resort, so it is ideal for use as a launching pad to practice a lot of winter sports. Located in the French Alps and has four bedrooms, each with capacity for 6 or 8 people.

Alpes de Haute Provence:

Alpes de Haute Provence is a country house located in the French Alps. This is a huge and very luxurious house, which has complete facilities such as private pool, and very modern equipment such as television, heating, hairdryer, mini bar., So that guests who rent the same with at reach all the comfort you can get in a luxury hotel.

Good trip to the Alps!

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