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One of the simplest pleasures to make the human being is walking, walking can be transformed into a good activity for our health, if we do it quickly, and if this is moved to the mountain and its surroundings, valleys, rivers , lakes, trees, wildlife, etc., becomes one of the most rewarding sports activities we can perform, to enjoy the scenic view, be in touch with nature and at the same time keep in good physical shape, if we do regularly.

Walking, as such, can make anyone, no matter what age, has no serious health problems.
Walking is an activity that will make us gradually, to enter the exciting world of our mountains, and tie in with its surroundings become part of his nature.

So you must get off the couch, off the cobwebs and once off the TV, leave town and take off the stress of our lives, practicing the path, either alone, or rather accompanied, will make us grow as people and we see that both our health and our physical and psychic improve so that we can more easily meet the challenges of everyday life.

Let’s make this sport to enjoy, (unmarked no goal). Let’s make this sport, to meet people, (we can point to any hiker center of our town). Let’s make this sport to grow as people, to know ourselves better, and so gradually, without haste, be putting new challenges that perhaps in the not too distant future, we will deal with the high mountains.

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At first, in opening hiking, we must start by routes that do not have much gap and they are not too long, the first few times it is better not get tired a lot and coming home from a trip, not a nightmare, and the next day we got up full of needles. Our memories of the walks have to be always good, if not, bad start.
If we are not used we will realize that has nothing to do routes on one level do that with them, walking through the mountains we have to use muscles in our body not normally use, and fatigue to rise for this reason and the height is much greater.

* The first thing to do to start our activity is well equipped.

Today we have many firms in the market for sportswear, we provide in our equipment. We start with the feet, for it will choose the footwear that best suits us. We will try best to choose a shoe or boot, preferably half-round (protects the ankles), with a good tread and that in turn are waterproof and breathable. Buy a little larger than your number, as the accompany of good socks Trekking, we ourselves avoid chafing on feet, and will make our walks more comfortable.

The clothes we choose according to the season, for that matter, we have advanced ages, and new materials and technology used to produce it, make this lightweight, breathable and very comfortable.

In our excursions in the mountains, wearing a backpack, allowing us to carry everything we need to go. During the trips, even in summer it is advisable not to let our body parts exposed to the sun (leg and arm) is better protected, there is very light clothes for it.

It is also convenient to use canes, preferably two, one in each hand, this will greatly assist us in our marches and apart from us more security and balance, we will be very useful in the falls, relaxing parts of our bodies (especially knees), and allowing us to also work during the march, arms and upper trunk.

When you start any hiking trails, with maps of the area and not to forget the weather forecast, these two things are very important for your safety.

In the mountains, by abrupt changes of time, what began as a beautiful day, sunny, could end up in a cold, ugly storm and suddenly several degrees lower temperature. Visit the Pyrenees, feel its grandeur, its colors and smells.

A greeting and good climb!

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