Hamburg the beautiful German city

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The Townhall in Hamburg at Night por Tobi_2008.

Hamburg is the most beautiful city in northern Germany, considered the most populous after Berlin, assumes great importance for its port which is the second largest in Europe, situated on the southern tip of the Jutland peninsula, occupies a strategic position in the confluence of the Elbe, Alster and Bille.
Hamburg is an elegant city, cosmopolitan and beautiful, ran from the River Elbe and the Alster Lake, this artificial lake was formed from the Alster river that crosses the entire city and its discourse has formed two lakes, one located in the center of town, surrounded by wide avenues and buildings and the other on the outskirts of the city surrounded by beautiful gardens. It is one of the sixteen states of Germany.

Its climate is mild and humid, the hottest months are from June to August, when the temperature reaches an average of 19.9 to 22.2 ° C, December, January and February are cold months with temperatures ranging from -1.4 to 0 ° C.
Port of Hamburg:
Hamburg’s economy revolves around the commercial movement that develops in the port of Hamburg with a big international trade each year.
It is considered a seaport on the capability of handling large ocean-going vessels. But so is the banking and finance, the city is home to large multinational companies.

Culture in Hamburg:
Hamburg is a very cultured city and their cultural offering are extensive, and is evidenced by the many museums, theaters and clubs where various exhibitions are carried out permanently, performances of plays, literature and music, music and sporting events.

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Tourist Attractions in Hamburg:
The main attractions of this beautiful city are the port, the river Elbe and the Alster lake, after all, Hamburg is an attractive and stimulating, not only the economic and cultural center of northern Germany but also the main route of access to the beautiful beaches of the Baltic Sea. Its lakes, extensive green areas, parks and gardens make the city of Hamburg in Germany’s greenest city.

Hamburg por Gertrud K..

The port of Hamburg is the gateway to the markets of North, Central and Eastern Europe and the port bound for the transatlantic route to Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe.  Strolling through the port is forced route not only for the inhabitants of the city but also for tourists who visit throughout the year.

The neighborhood of St. Pauli is another attraction of Hamburg, was once the red zone of the city is now a place of many cultures, where different people and lifestyles.
St. Michaelis Church, is one of the most important monuments of the city, whose tower dominates the city 132 meters from its platform there is an extraordinary panorama of Hamburg.

Restaurants in Hamburg:
The cuisine is varied city dominated crabs and lobsters, plus different dishes based on fish such as plaice, carp and herring, eel soup and their typical cooked green cabbage. They are also a variety of desserts such as sour cherries and cream.

Hamburg is expected to offer many tourist attractions on your holiday trip and will be happy having chosen.

Bon voyage!

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