Guide for backpackers

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Guide for backpackers

Nature called when the weather turns warm and the mood in tune with the open sky. So the temptation to grab the backpack and head out to adventure almost becomes a reflex conditioned by these propitious circumstances and not necessarily limited to younger travelers. Adults also adhere to this trend. Here’s a guide for the amateur backpacker dares make his first season backpacking.

To make things easier in the case of those who were first launching of “the way”, here are some slogans that could be defined as the ABCs of good backpacker.

First, the backpack. It is recommended that you have anatomically shaped and is equipped with an internal frame, which allows a better distribution of objects to protect the spine. Also key is to balance the weight and compress your luggage and take a second bag or day pack “to carry only the essentials when you base somewhere and want, for example, go for a walk or do a trek in the area.
Question Weight:

Heavier objects should be placed on top so the load is balanced over the spine. We recommend putting clothes over the back for extra comfort, those most useful elements such as documents, maps, compass etc, should go into the pockets in the lid, or on the outside of the bag, these pockets are attached with straps that come for that purpose. Recommended for men 80-liter backpack for women from 40 to 60 liters.

The tents and bags:

While there are different models, the igloo model are most suited to the needs of novice backpackers. Its lightweight and flexible studs allows for a great wind resistance and are easy to move and more stable than Canadian tents. The high mountains are similar to the igloo and differ in design (the latter are shaped like a tunnel). The geodesics are more expensive, have adjustable rods allowing for the most appropriate to a particular environmental situation. When camping, we must settle on a level ground to prevent flooding in case of rain.  Tents are available from the $ 300 and the price depends on model and capacity of people who can sleep in it.

It’s a myth that the tents differ in protection against the cold. Yes differ in ventilation. For extra warmth used sleeping bags, which are classified by seasons. There are bags spring / summer, which are also suitable for winter and contemplating the four seasons (with support near-freezing temperatures).

Its heat capacity is measured in degrees Celsius and to this extent to which the traveler must pay attention to the time of purchase. For the amateur backpacker bag is recommended “three seasons”. It is also advisable to wear an insulator to be free from cold in the ground.

Basic equipment:

When thinking about clothing is necessary to take into account the weather and the activities to be performed. Always include items to be washed as white soap. As for the dishes, it is advisable to carry a pot. The set of elements are needed for cooking which is recommended to be aluminum, so it does not stick and can be folded into one another. Also a good stainless steel thermos to avoid tearing down the road. Do not forget the matches or lighter.

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Travel Essentials:

Whether in hotels as in the camp sites is recommended to bring cleaning components such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste to our personal hygiene. It is also essential to assemble a first aid kit containing bandages, pain relievers, sunscreen, ointments for burns, disinfectant and insect repellent.

When traveling abroad before going there to get advice on vaccines that previously would require the country of destination.

First aid kit:

For camping you have to have some essential items like a flashlight, a multipurpose knife, rope that can serve to tie elements or hang clothes, thread, needle and knife.

The sun and the landscape ahead. It’s time for the backpacks. And now there should be no doubt about the best way to wear them.

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