Glastonbury Festival

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Glastonbury Festival

Every summer, all Europe was filled with music festivals. Especially in the last decade, this form of leisure and tourism has flooded the coast and inland, in Spain, Europe and the world at large. One of the oldest and most famous is held in a small town in southwest Britain. It’s the Glastonbury Festival.
Glastonbury Festival began back in 1970, just a day after the death of Jimi Hendrix. And as befits the time, yet is infused with a hippie, but it is still a business and increasingly commercial.

Solidarity Festival
But it has some features that make it special and different from the rest. It is the main benefit gig as much of the collection is intended for NGOs such as Oxfam (Spain, Intermón), Greenpeace, Water Aid and other local organizations. It is also true that most of the volunteers involved in organizing this event are sent by NGOs. That yes, such is the worldwide reputation of this festival that, however solidarity that is, its promoters, the Eavis family have taken this fact and the entry this year cost 155 pounds (just over 200 euros).

As for the singers participating in this event, it has certain characteristics. Acting groups and singers who travel to many festivals throughout the year. For instance, attended this year, The Verve, King of Leon, Leonard Cohen, Massive Attack, Jay-Z and Fat Boy Slim among the best known. But there are many more, such as Manu Chao, Massive Attack, Groove Armada, Seasick Steve, Lupe Fiasco, Mark Ronson, Dizzy Rascal, Ozomatli. Keep in mind that in Glastonbury are installed up to ten different scenarios. In this way, surely there is a type of music you like. But they also run the risk that two of your favorite bands touch at the same time in different settings, so you have to choose.

Indeed, we already have dates for the next Glastonbury festival. Be developed on 26, 27 and 28 June 2009. As always, be the last weekend of June.

Entertainment and rain

It may be perfectly all three days of the event on campus without going outside. It is equipped with everything a person might need. Eating is very easy as there are many shops and restaurants where you eat. All for what may have problems is sleeping, although few people sleeping in Glastonbury. There are vast fields where to place tents. There are even private campsites where you can rent comfortable tents. The problem is that Glastonbury is one of the rainiest places in the British Isles. Several years heavy rains have soured more than one festival and turned around into a quagmire, including areas where shops are placed. Three years ago, a water spout had flooded a field where more than 400 such “accommodation”. Anyway, for those who prefer to have a safer resting place may be found on the many accommodations bed and breakfast “so typically British. That yes, you need to get away from the farm where the festival takes place until a populated area.


But another reason why it is advisable to seek help more than ever in this festival is the environment in which it operates. Specifically takes place at Worthy Farm a few fields located between the small village of Pilton and Pylle, about ten miles east of the town of Glastonbury in Somerset County, in southwestern England. And it’s a place where they are concentrated most mystical places in England.

In medieval times, Glastonbury Abbey was one of most important pilgrimage sites in Europe. He considered the burial place of King Arthur and his consort Geneva and place of the saints who had lived there as St. Patrick, St. David, St. Dunstan, St. Benedictus and Saint Brigid.

_MG_9149Glastonbury07.jpg por sinister pictures.

Tradition tells us that Joseph of Arimathea and his followers Christians after the crucifixion of Jesus, were given refuge in Avalon to build the first church cristina worldwide.

Just an hour’s drives away is the famous Stonehenge, another mythological site in Britain, as well as enjoy the festival, also worth touring the area in search of those places full of mystery and mysticism.

Proof of this mysticism is that about 30 percent of the population living in Glastonbury is people choice, following the ideals that swept the Western world in the 60s and 70s.


Peace and Love!

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