Getting lost in Seville

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There are some places in the world that when visitors leave a mark on your heart … For some strange reason you establish what is more an emotional than a visit to a tourist destination … We all have one and, at bottom, albeit always unwittingly, we want every new site that we can achieve that category in the soul and whose memory is much more than a vacation … A place of those beautiful, magical and contagious … lost in Seville is a love story.

Attractions in Seville

Photography by Peter Shanks

Sevilla was never established, nor is it located somewhere, is simply a piece of an unknown dimension of beauty, joy, color and history, on the banks of the Guadalquivir River is loved Over the centuries with the complacency of a princess of the fairy Thousand and One Nights in a timeless and ancient Spain.

And it does to the sound of flamenco, gypsy pace for excellence in all its expressions, from which the soul torn by emotions from the heart, to the overflowing joy of the Sevillanas, a rhythm that comes from most exultant happiness and that only can dance with grace and grace the daughters of this land, who have inherited the color of the river, the demeanor of the virgins of Holy Week processions and sin redeemer of his skin the color of the olives to be burned as the summer sun.

Getting lost in Seville

Photography by Peter Shanks

In a city where the fun part of everyday life and lives to the rhythm of the festivals that take place over and over again in the calendar year after year, Sevilla is the exaltation and sublimation of emotions and feelings especially in April when spring arrives and the whole city smells of orange blossom, embriagándote while walking along the banks of the Guadalquivir or going through one of its bridges, watching the gentle flow of water on its way for centuries and centuries in a religious litany and full of fervor as the Nazarenes and the famous “steps” … brotherhoods of men and women, united in guilds profess eternal devotion to the heavenly character of your choice and together they convert to Seville in the capital of extreme religiosity linked simultaneously to the lust of the skin, aroused and overwhelmed of aromas, flavors and wine that fills the senses and incites … all of them.

If you’re going to Seville, I recommend you do it by train, get on a high speed train from Madrid to travel pleasant and comfortably at 380 miles per hour, without moving the coffee in your cup … And once there, keep the guides, plans, maps and just lose yourself in its streets and let yourself be subjugated by what you see, smell, hear, touch and attention to the fifth sense, because if it tastes, here’s another reason why I love Sevilla … esophagus and as always …

Eat in Seville, just a physiological act is a religious experience, from the crisp toast for breakfast, dipped in tomato and olive oil too thick, accompanied by thin slices of prosciutto, the salt-cured ham that melts on contact your palate or multiple ways to prepare the tastiest fish in the Mediterranean, which is not far away.

Getting lost in Seville is a sublime and unique experience, love, time and again subjugated. Walk the Santa Cruz Quarter, the old Jewish quarter and fill your eyes with pictures of white Andalusian lime, flowered balconies, cobbles and Singing Fountain …

Walk slowly along the Guadalquivir, as you contemplate the Torre del Oro, a magnificent structure that tells his story to anyone who’ll listen quietly and walk through the Barrio de Triana between songs, pens and fragrances, hoping to see appear to Bizet’s Carmen at any balcony …

Make lots of pictures of the Plaza of Spain, full of tiles, and beautiful Andalusian horses carriages mounted with poise and elegance for men and women in their finery ….

If you want past and history, go to the Cathedral … recórrela, if you’re not religious, you can come and provides artistic magnificence home … And outside, architecture, detail, and his side special attention to La Giralda , the most emblematic of all tower and symbol of the city …

The Alcazar of Seville will tell you a thousand and one stories, Arab sultans, wars, kings and queens over the years have made this magnificent building his house and shelter, in their beautiful gardens were woven plots, betrayals and determined the history of what we now know as Spain and the New World, since your hand is the Archive of the Indies, home, treasure, save all documents and records of the discovery of 80 million pages, maps and documents all kinds.

Seville of Reales Alcazares

Photography by celtic-bhoy

Sevilla by night is a holiday, wherever you go … You will always find a place to eat, drink and party, surrounded by the locals, friendly, cheerful and talkative, which made the party a way of life … Take a tour by the Alameda to see for yourself. Or if you prefer a more relaxed look for a terrace, sit back and let the wine of the land, “pescaito” and the shrimps from San Lucar de Barrameda do the rest.

And in Seville fit everyone, regardless of budget, from mega five-star hotels to pensions and hostels very little money and poor reputation, what is important is lost in Seville … will write a love story with the five senses, whether you just or in good company.

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