Garopaba, full of beach tourism in Brazil

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Washed by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, west and north by the city limits of Paulo Lopes and south of the Imbituba. It has an area of 111 km2 in extent. Located in the southern state of Santa Catarina and distant 79 Km from the state capital, Florianópolis.
Garopaba is nationally known and particularly for its beautiful beaches, is a map of the whales (come to give birth and breastfeed the baby in the water). With an estimated population of 13,000 and receives over 100,000 tourists during the summer. Inns and hotels all have an excellent hotel infrastructure which have to offer a wide variety of prices and excellent services with great comfort.

It’s humid climate without dry season and hot summer, with annual average of 18.3 º C, but temperatures reach about 40 º C. In winter the temperature can drop considerably with an average of 10 º C.

Rivers and Lakes:
There are many rivers and lakes in Garopaba are:
Rio de la Costão Gamboa, Gamboa surrounding neighborhood, River Siriú bath, the town of Lagoa and Siriú of Siriú surrounding neighborhood and the Costa Macacu; Garopaba River, River Palhocinha, which leads Garopaba Lake, the Bridge Rio Grande, which surrounds and flows into the lake delighted Garopaba the Canal that connects the Lagoa Garopaba Capão of the Atlantic Ocean. The Penha Rio Mar is the division of the municipality of Garopaba with Paulo Lopes, a leader in the Atlantic Ocean and Rio Cova Sad that defines the territory between Garopaba and Paulo Lopes.


How to get there?
Garopaba The city is located south of the state, about 75 kilometers from Florianópolis. The access road is made by the BR-101 to Imbituba, followed by SC-434 for another 15km. The nearest airport is in Florianópolis.

Beaches Garapoba:

a) Kresse. Beach big waves. It is ideal for sports adventures at sea and surf.

b) Siriú. It’s a great big waves beach and abundant sand dunes. Great place for sand-boarding (surf sand).

c) Garopaba. Beach with calm waters and dark sand. It is the ideal place for swimming next to the whole family.

d) Silveira. Beach is considered by people in Brazil as the best places for surfing.

e) Da Ferrugem. This beach is frequented by young people. Ideal for surfing and other delivery adventure at sea. It has good bars and nightclubs. The best nightlife is busy in the area.

f) ouvidor. Not suitable for children.

g) Vermelha. With big waves. It is ideal for surfing.

h) Portinho. Located between the beach and Vermelha ouvidor. It has a view of the cliffs of ouvidor.

i) Coral Island. It is a beautiful island which is located 45 minutes by boat from the beach Garopaba.


A region full of beaches in Brazil, another reason to consider is security and what little agitated that this place is for those who love tranquility and absolute privacy this is the ideal place in terms of beaches in Brazil concerns. In addition to the pleasant climate and adaptable to the practice of adventure sports.

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