French Riviera: the glamorous resort Gallo

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Already you are in France and did the typical tourist route that will give travel agents? It’s time to escape the daily routine of city dwellers travel through the country Gallo and see one of the loveliest places like the glamorous Riviera.

French Riviera: the glamorous resort Gallo

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One place that offers the most fabulous beaches is located in the ever -Nice Riviera tourist or French Riviera, close to Italy. Besides being a very historic city, Nice is visited by thousands of tourists seeking the warm sun of the Mediterranean coast paradise. That is why this place is considered the second most visited area of the country, of course, after its capital Paris.

Speaking from the beaches of France to mention means that places on the island of Corsica, also located in the Riviera area, almost on Sardinia. Besides being the birthplace of Napoleon, the island is famous for hosting exclusive beaches, especially for those who enjoy water sports.

the beaches of France

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French Riviera was a poetic name was given to a certain area of France, specifically to the coast and coastal resorts that rest on the sea route that runs from the port city of Marseille to Nice tourist.

The French Riviera is today considered one of the most visited places not only the costs but galas around the world, a place where celebrities live that take place in the world of film, music or royalty. A place that is also home to places like Monte Carlo (French out of bounds because it rests on the tiny country of Monaco), and Cannes, the well-known coastline so famous for its festival of European cinema.

The French Riviera retains all the luxury of the Belle Epoque, and shows they are the buildings that sit on the boardwalk, we refer to hotels, homes, shops and more.

Its beaches are immensely attractive, cities show all their charm, exquisite cuisine and distinguished definitely where seafood stand out from the other ingredients.

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to discover the French Riviera carefully, it is simply walking, a good activity to assess unhurried Mediterranean beauty, in addition to a healthy exercise for the body. And if a tourist want to visit places not only famous, and wants to follow the different remote villages and rural areas can make it through the railways that run through the area. It is important to note that trains move through networks reliable and fairly cheap ticket prices.

Visiting the Riviera

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Visiting the Riviera involves visiting amazing places like St. Tropez, Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Villefranche-sur-Mer, among others. These are the routes most requested by travelers. In addition you may know some of the more than 100 museums and 150 galleries that settle in the area. Through these we can deduce that art is a living tradition in the region.

More locations are on the Riviera Cassis Islands, Terminals-les-Mimosas, Juan-les-Pins. In general one can say that in the French Riviera can be found a little of everything to services of the most exclusive. The French Riviera shows the world its great tourist potential together with the best services.

Other beaches in France:

On the coast of France you will find different kinds of beaches, from beaches, gentle waters, to the powerful waves, highly recommended for those surfing. Also we can find very commercial beaches and besieged by the international jet set, to secluded beaches and hidden well suited for those looking to get away even for a few days of civilization. France offers beaches are equipped with the high quality, urban beaches, some tourism and others less. In short here we find such a variety that will make difficult choices.

The beaches of Saint Tropez

Photography by fred_v

Let us continue our journey and found the beaches of Cannes in a given meeting the world’s most famous stars of film and cinema fans thanks to its well-known European Film Festival known as the Festival de Cannes.

We can also choose to visit the beaches of Saint Tropez, also located inside of the French Riviera. This place is also very besieged by people related to the entertainment world, so it is not unusual to see them in luxury yachts sailing through the calm water goes through its coastline.

Happy journey!

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