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The temperate valleys around Santiago de Chile host some of the best vineyards in the world, is beginning to discover the knowledge of the centuries, American wine culture.

Francisco Aguirre was one of the most bloodthirsty conquerors who gave imperial Spain. It beat against the Indians in Cochabamba (Peru) with Gonzalo Pizarro and later fought without mercy to the inhabitants of the valleys of Copiapo and Coquimbo (Chile), spreading destruction over there where their troops passed. Excessive and passionate man, Aguirre conceived, and fifty-five children died in the middle of a dispute with the Inquisition for his repeated expression of scandalous and heretical propositions. However, among the few ideas that Aguirre did not involve violence and smell of gunpowder shines a special light to the introduction of vines in Chile, an initiative that even today continues to provide excellent results.

Chile is increasingly known for its quality vineyards, driven by the unique natural features of the valleys devoted to wine production and the care with care that are taking strain since its introduction in the sixteenth century. The discovery of the wide range of wine Chile provides an excuse to travel more than welcome to tour the country, enjoying unique landscapes in the foothills of the Andes, a warm welcome and, of course, some exceptional wines.

Maipo Valley, the winery Concha y Toro vineyard or Undurraga are the main destinations, but not the only elected for wine lovers to go into the country’s southern báquico heart.
Due to warm temperatures enjoyed by the wine valleys of Chile, any time of year is good to visit, but the best dates are spring (September to November) or during the autumn harvest (between February and April). The harvest is celebrated in March and April, when it was the celebrations associated with the picking of the grapes an added attraction to the discovery of the wine route.

The area’s oldest wine farm Chile’s Maipo Valley is characterized by the existence of excellent reds that are, according to the vineyard in question, different specificities, despite coming from the same strains.
The Cousiño Macul vineyard is considered one of the best in the world, for six generations, the family has been cultivating the land Cousiño Macul dedicated to wine production since 1564 the queen granted the king of Spain to finance conquistador Juan You.Fra.

The wines produced in this world are an inheritance; whites out for presenting a balanced acidity and a rich fruitiness, while the reds are known for their roundness, complexity and good acidity. Finis Terrae, Merlot and Sauvignon Gris Reserve, are among its most spectacular reserves. Other varieties are equally appealing Don Luis (both Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay) or white Doña Isidora.

The vineyard is named Carolina Santa Carolina Íñiguez, wife of the founder of the farm, Pereira Luis Cotapos. This nineteenth century magnate fine strains introduced in the region of Bordeaux in 1875 and since then its production is lauded around the world. The Santa Carolina winery is considered also a national monument, being the only construction built by Cal y canto “that is still standing across the country. Santa Carolina produces excellent varieties of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, which must be added the presence of a variety extinct in Europe and restored in the late twentieth century thanks to the strains existing in these southern lands: Carmenère.

At 40 kilometers from Santiago lies the vineyard Concha y Toro, the country’s largest and leading exporter of wines. His nineteenth-century mansion and its cellars can be visited by paying a modest entrance, the visit includes a tasting of some of their products.

Another valley traditionally devoted to growing grapes in Chile is the Rapel Valley. His reds have a deserved reputation, and the nerve to visit this region are the Viña Santa Laura or Vine MontGras since the latter can enjoy the vineyards with magnificent views over the valley.

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