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Places of Spain with a difference: Fiñana
Fiñana is a small village in the province of Almeria, 74 km from the capital. Barely 3,000 inhabitants, who are dedicated to the world especially in cereals, olive oil, beetroot and the mining of iron.

Many cultures have occupied over the centuries around Fiñana, and most of them have left their mark. Due to its location between Guadix, Baza and Almeria, Fiñana became an important junction of roads from time immemorial. Arabic fortress, whose ruins can be seen just outside the village, was the stronghold that served as watch tower of this crossing.

The location of the town is simply beautiful. Looking to one side we have the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada, with its mountain peaks, the valley and the passage of Abla Fiñana. On the other hand we see the mountains of Baza. The snows and springs of the Sierra Nevada make this area a wonderful place of fertile land.

The river gives birth Fiñana a landscape more beautiful. Moreover, its waters have been used since ancient times, especially in agriculture. Since Muslim era, the citizens of Fiñana created an irrigation system consisting of canals and aqueducts to carry water to the points of greatest need.

Near the village we can find a thick forest of pine, oak, chestnut and poplar. These forests help to protect the natural environment. During the Reconquest, was a place of battle, as the people became an important fortress Arabic.

The city also resisted the attempted invasion from Abderraman III at 913. Fiñana retains all the signs of its past multicultural. One example is the village church, an old mosque, one of the symbols without a doubt for their residents, who remember well the time when we lived together two opposing cultures.

From eighteenth-century maps show a small village bisected by a typically Andalusian streets. Today, in the street, you see massive stone houses, a material widely used in the area, which was also used to make decorative objects.

Due to the terrain, the streets of Fiñana are mostly steep, and they all converge in the main square, the center of town where citizens gather to stroll and chat animatedly. The square is where we find the aforementioned church of Santiago. Built in the Mudejar style between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. It has three naves and impressive pillars. The church and its tower have been great monuments of great historical value, because there are very few buildings of that era are preserved so well.

Fiñana visit is a treat for the senses, especially for its tranquility and its marvelous views. Be sure to do if you have the chance!

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