Fast Food in New York

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Okay, we all know that the term fast food, if consumed in excess, is associated with an unhealthy diet, we also find places in the world and as good travelers we adapt to what lies ahead, the end of the day that the essence and the joy of traveling, mingle with people from other places and other cultures through their food … And if you’re in New York, then touching Fast Food, but for all tastes …

Times Square

Photography by Poldavo (Alex)

Racking, haste, pace, traffic, industrial noise, information on giant screens on the streets, all filled with light, signage and information in your head and are now actually look like images of the movies … those of the yellow cabs, the police and the Statue of Liberty, the birthplace of the Fast Food …

But of course, Fast Food to New Yorker, a vast, varied and tasty cuisine born of the merger and integration and racial and multicultural as old as that thing eat on the street, which in many cultures is very normal, but pushed to the limit … Or small places where you eat in a hurry and standing in a city that never sleeps and the rush is the watchword, that they forced to eat standing or while walking, sitting on a bench or a step. Or very comfortable with its many cafes and restaurants, such as peculiar to these sets of movies … so … and always open … You will never find places to eat in the Big Apple and open at any time of day.

Fast Food in New York

Photography by Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer

Fast Food in New York, see the menu:

Big, juicy and very, very tasty burgers in New York are overweight and with a flavor that fills your palate with pleasure and without recourse to the mustard and ketchup, with only a slice of tomato and lettuce leaves, all enclosed in two halves of a white hot and aromatic plan.

Fast food does not only mean cholesterol and fat, at least in New York, you’ll find salads of all types, ingredients, colors and flavors, all fresh, delicious, endless and in many different formats, as well as presentations and garnishes.

Of course, we can not forget the Hot Dog, a true classic of the cuisine of New York. Always available in any of the many street stalls that little money you get the Hot Dog in one hand, the cola in the other and have to eat as the locals, standing in three mouthfuls.

The contribution of the east can also be tasted in New York, the Kebab, those fat pieces of meat cut from a kind of revolving grill that meat is slowly roasted and is enclosed in a delicious on pita bread.

Continuing with the contributions of the East, we have the Falafels, mini vegetable croquettes that brought the Jewish emigrants to America and have been integrated into the menu of a city. The best, surely the market stalls on Broadway.

And continuing contributions of immigrants who have woven the soul of this city, because New York is not one, or almost anyone, are the Gyros, the Greek version of Turkish Kebab. Same principle but with a milder flavor and the best, certainly on the street in Soho posts … enjoy them ideal for a night walk through the neighborhood.

And then there’s the “donna” of the cuisine of New York, with the lush flavor and aftertaste Bela Italia a gangster. The New York Pizza is an institution and find thousands of sites of all sizes, shapes and prices, but all with the pizza as a star … great experience for the palate.

Chorizo taco, El Paso Taqueria

Photography by gsz

What about the Tacos?, Mexico’s contribution to the multicultural cuisine of New York and possibly identified as a proud representative of all Latinos who have made the U.S. their home and their daily struggle. Los Tacos, corn tortillas that melt in your mouth gently, and then flooded the pleasure to feel the taste of their juicy ingredients into the thousands of street stalls there throughout the city.

And finally, the perfect dessert and not only that, they are also wonderful for breakfast with its myriad of flavors and fillings of all kinds, which is perfect coffee, huge, long and served in giant glasses, it has nothing to do with Italian espresso, short and strong. New York in flavors … delicious multicultural.

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