Exploring the flora and fauna in Yukon

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Exploring the flora and fauna in Yukon

Before talking about the snow or sun destinations in this country, we will start by saying that Canada is the westernmost point of the three provinces of North America. And in the great land that occupies this country, resident of the United States, as well begin our journey traveling Yukon, east of Alaska and northern British Columbia. Yukon means big river, and into the vastness of the water is where our instinct will point travelers. It will begin to crumble our tour in Canada on a vacation of sun or snow.

Yukon Tours:

The hunger for a trip can garner quite extensive. Therefore, and minutes of our arrival, we are able to learn the traditional food of this part of the world. The suggestion of the chef tells us that we enjoy a succulent roast reindeer with red currants. It has proved a very exotic dish and something heavy for a first stop in Yukon but definitely delicious.

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After having made a tiny digestion, we must continue. We still have before us the task of getting accommodation. Among the options we have the comfort of a fine resort, or services of a beautiful inn set in the time of the gold rush, which is essential for this area of Canada.

To reach either of these two sites must take the Alaska Highway, which passes through Whitehorse. It must be said that all the municipalities that want to know in Yukon, are accessible via land routes (which we travel with our car hire).

If you decide to travel in summer, we would have an ideal warm 25 degrees which is the average temperature this time. In contrast, winters are wet and cold here, with strong winds. However, it is settled, as counsel, that each season has its charm and Yukon is a site worth visiting throughout the year.

Language can be a problem for those who handle only the Spanish, as most population handles English and French. But do not be frightened whenever tourists would be brought home, anywhere in the world. For the case used the signs, gestures, single words or signs.

Faced with a first glance we can see that most of the territory is in the Yukon River. And, way south, lies the maritime wealth lakes and glaciers, rivers and streams (the latter flowing into the Pacific Ocean). Then we stop to share in its flora and fauna. The first offers a range of species. The tundra is prevalent in most of the city. We can find, mainly in the Peel River area, part of the coastal plain and arctic Taigana. It is also attracting the encounter with “Fireweed, the Yukon native flower. In terms of fauna, behind, in order of importance, mammals such as caribou, wolf, brown bear, sheep, polar bears, cougar, coyotes, and bison. They may also be a large number of rodents. To name, squirrels, beavers, voles and porcupines. The birds also travel through the field of Yukon: golden eagles, hawks and bald eagles rustic, its main representatives.

And abandoning for a moment, the rough itinerary, installed on a snowy winter, we could give ourselves a golden ride on sleds hauled by huskies. Top of these dogs, specially trained to traverse the snowy ground, we can get into the beautiful alpine surroundings we offer.

Windy Arm of Tagish Lake por ​eyebex.

Bon Voyage!

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