Esteros of Ibera

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The Esteros del Ibera

The Ibera Marshes are located in central and northeastern Corrientes. Separating them from Buenos Aires about 857 miles. Its main airport is one of the Inns and a major city in the area is Mercedes. If you plan to go to this area the best season is from May to November. And you’ll need three to four days to visit.

Esteros del Ibera:
The Esteros del Ibera is a large reservoir of freshwater on our planet. They are located in the heart of Corrientes province, occupying 14% of its length. This is a large complex of swamps, marshes, water hyacinth and dammed that takes place in nature you will love. This place is important to mention the environmentally conscious you have.

In 1989 this area was converted into a Grand National Reserve. And in recent times, following the ban on hunting in it and to preserve the environment and native species became much emphasis on green theme. As a result grata native species became more frequent in the 13 thousand km2 of the reserve.

Among the fauna we see the alligators, capybara and marsh deer, giant river and monkeys wow. Among birds, we enjoyed seeing their herons, ibis, IPAC, ducks of all kinds, and color, woodpeckers, nuns, and Labandera benteveo only if we name a few as the list is almost endless.

Esteros of Ibera

If you walk through the area we encourage you to navigate the river Miriñay. Their coasts populated by palms, agaves ibirá lapachos and give us a different scenario from the typical Paranaense forest.

Another option is to reach the Corrientes River draining the Ibera lagoon that runs a geography calm grassland running down to the Paraná.

Colonia Carlos Pellegrini is a small town located on the shores of the lake Ibera. In this place one can be installed to meet the estuaries. The rest usually are privately owned. There are also some tourist stays. These include San Lorenzo and San Juan Poriahú.

If we talk about stays, we must stop talking about Douglas Tompkins, who by this area gives us the opportunity to visit Rincon del Socorro and San Alonso. Both rooms are part of The Conservation Land Trust project to be carried forward from 1992 and its main objective to acquire areas that have a high ecological value in order to turn them into parks. An example is a Monte Lion Pumalín in Argentina or Chile.

Within the area of the Ibera, Tompkins started working in 1998. You’re on the road, but specialized researchers say the new process will culminate in 20 years. One of the objectives in the short term is the possibility of reintroducing the anteater.

On Carlos Pellegrini we can find several inns where full board has the possibility of contracting activities and to navigation.

The region is shared as in the rest of the province clearly gaucho tradition that is mixed with certain habits of Guarani origin.

We will field men with bright colors and clothing often walk barefoot horse. The division between liberals (using blue scarves) and autonomy (with red scarves) will continue to maintain since the nineteenth century. This is one of many customs that are still maintained.

The fauna in Esteros of Ibera

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