Escape to the monumental Málaga

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Are you coming to come to this fate? If so, should know that you can choose to tour the Historic Triangle: Málaga, Antequera and Ronda. All three destinations are separated from each other by only 50 kilometers. To move, the best is to rent a car on arrival in Malaga.

Prehistory in Antequera

Photography by juandesant

Prehistory in Antequera:

Leaving the sea level, Antequera, in the heart of Andalusia, is the meeting point of old and new routes. Your history started 5,800 years ago in the dolmens. These ancient monuments are still an enigma to experts and visitors. The buildings, erected with heavy rocks up to 180 tons were the result of the efforts of generations of former residents who see their basic needs met, devoted part of their resources to erect these memorials faced to the Peña de los Enamorados.

Though the archaeologists suggest that its function was to house the remains funeral of the inhabitants of the community, its exposure over the centuries have become empty temples where only objects were found at the time.

Interior of a monolith in Antequera:

After this immersion in the mysteries of the first prehistoric inhabitants of the area, the white hill of Antequera ahead for a tour of its streets and dozens of churches with their broken steeples low profile recently whitewashed houses and displays this pride to their neighbors.

Recently expanded and renovated, the Palace of Nájera houses the museum of the city, where you can admire some art treasures of the city as the first century Roman bronze, height of 1.54 meters, an impressive San Francisco de Asis that it fills only a small room of the museum, or collection of contemporary paintings and Antequera Cristóbal Toral (1940).

The monumental Málaga

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A delight for the senses in The Scribe:

The restaurant “The Scribe” is already a superb location in front of Collegiate Santa Maria Maggiore. A church that now houses art and cultural events. But once beyond the charm of its environment, we owe more tangible pleasures, those of their dishes. The combination of good raw materials and a touch of genuine and original in his letter combine to make us enjoy from starters to desserts.

El Torcal is history and nature:

Human presence in the Torcal goes back to prehistory and even Roman remains have been found to testify that he was used as a quarry for the construction of the nearby towns.

The karst landscape is the masterpiece of the elements. The brush of wind and sand have been water in the limestone carving fanciful shapes that rise above the region. In the area you can make different routes, but there is certainly a compulsory and accessible, which leads to the lookout, from where on clear days we see the sea and the city of Malaga.

Escape to the monumental Málaga

Photography by juanpol

Hotel Convento La Magdalena:

The Hotel Convento La Magdalena de Antequera is ideal for relaxation, the choice is varied in Antequera, but if we want a different location, the Hotel Convento La Magdalena take us to the sixteenth century, but with all the comforts of XXI century. If after relaxing in the spa overlooking the tranquil environment has failed to kidnap the madding crowd, just wait for the sunset and get lost in the corridors of the convent. Its massive stone walls have remained standing since the austerity of the monks to allow today Alcantarines get into his church, cellars and even loaded and humid environment of the crypt and then back from the depths and admire the restored frescoes of the vaults.

Bon Voyage!

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