El Hierro in the Canary Islands

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El Hierro is the westernmost island of the Canary archipelago and southern. It has 3 major towns: Valverde (capital, where the airport is situated), El Pinar and Frontera. It has been declared by UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

How come?
The island of El Hierro has an airport, usually known as Crabs Airport located in the capital, Valverde. Although still small, more and more passengers are using it. The biggest drawback is its limited hours of 8.00 to 17.30.
Another way to access this island is through Port Stake, also located in Valverde. This port is directly connected to the Puerto de los Cristianos on Tenerife.

How do I move?
The island has a network of buses or buses with which you can move around the most active of the Canary Island.
Although the best option is to rent a car and you can move to your liking. Moreover, roads are not very populated because there are only 8,000 on the island.
Taxis are also provided with which to move from one place to another.

What to see?

Lookout Jinamar: is located at 1200 meters above sea level and offers fantastic views of the Gulf. Additionally, this is regarded a chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Charity.

Mirador de la Peña: designed by Cesar Manrique, offering breathtaking views of the Gulf and the Roques de Salmor, where the water strikes an imposing force. Furthermore, there can enjoy the typical Canarian food, as there is an excellent restaurant.

Park in Guinea: it has been rebuilt a village Bimbache, the original inhabitants of the island.

Lagartario: here is preserved a kind of lizard, called Salmor lizard, a species native to the island, which can reach 1 meter in length and weigh 400 grams.

Garoé or holy tree: from the holy tree (for the natives of the island) are getting drinking water, and was the only way to get it. In 1610 a hurricane demolished the sacred copy today stands another tree in its place.

The Sabinar: Sabinas an excellent park, trees that attract attention primarily for its spectacular forms, recalling an enchanted forest.

El Hierro;  El Sabinar; Juniperus phoenicea; Jeneverbes; Juniper Tree

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