Diving in Roatan – Honduras

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Roatan, Utila and Guanaja with the archipelago Honduran Bay Islands. Legends of its past and pirates are just the colorful names of cities, beaches and even the most modern business. But undoubtedly the Barrier Reef one of the main attraction of this island.


Photography by Perry McKenna

The reef that once protected the Spanish pirates and British navies today protects the island from the capricious weather, and protects all its tropical wealth above and below the water. The lush tropical vegetation along the legions of palms that crown its beaches and brilliant turquoise waters draw the features that many have in mind when we think of a natural paradise.

Diving in Roatan

Photography by Adalberto.H.Vega

Besides chests of gold coins held by pirates and stories of legendary battles, under the water keeps Roatan one of its greatest treasures. Lovers of diving and the sea generally enjoy their stay on the island. The marine flora and fauna is so rich and lives in a way so close to the coast, one of the most popular activities for visitors is swimming with dolphins in shallow waters, about Bailey’s Key. Even you can see and interact with dolphins in waters that do not cover a child.

If you fancy diving, Roatan has a wide range of dive centers. It is the second largest coral reef in the world with over 30 dive sites, each with its unique characteristics. The conditions of the water is perfect, its rich flora and fauna, temperate waters throughout the year and visibility that can reach 30 feet, put all the elements to make the practice of this sport a pleasure.

The bottle-nosed dolphins are a perfect companion to enjoy a good dive, but to meet them there to go outside the reef.

As usual with these havens, Roatan is every year less virgin and hotel infrastructures are eating area on the coast. Roatan also has the advantage of lower prices for scuba diving in the Caribbean, encouraging more tourists each year to choose it as a holiday destination.

Diving in Roatan - Honduras

Photography by Adalberto.H.Vega

Enjoy this hidden corner called Roatan!

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