Discovering the city of João Pessoa

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Northeast Brazil has beautiful destinations that are still poorly understood. One is the coastline of the state of Paraíba, in the eastern tip of America. Beautiful beaches, unusual quietness and sun to enjoy a couple, with family or friends.

The capital, João Pessoa, welcomes us with a new airport and just 15 minutes from downtown. A good supply of hotels and inns located beachfront lodge with infrastructure allows, but in a quiet and safe. The city beaches are clean and the sea can be leveraged across its length and at any time of year. Besides the beach, over 15 miles of border measures could lead to ca-mining, cycling or skating. Craft fairs, local foods and bars to enjoy the sea breeze with a beer or a coconut water did not lack for the ride. 1500 meters from the beach Tambaú are Picãozinho natural pools in a coral reef accessible to visitors during low tide. Catamaran rides can be made every morning to enjoy a dip between goldfish. In the northern waters of the city are slightly uneasy, ideal for water sports. A younger environment populated beaches  Manaíra and Bessa.

Praia do Tambaú

The city offers varied dining options. Regional cuisine, seafood, pizza, oriental food and sophisticated restaurants are always treated with great cordiality and tourist service. But not only sea and sand await us in João Pessoa. The city has attractions for all tastes. The eastern end of America is addressed in the Ponta do Seixas with a lantern and the latest work of renowned architect Oscar Niemeyer: the Estação Ciência, Cultura e Artes is a monumental space featuring a veranda, exhibition halls and a large auditorium. Located in the Atlantic forest green, originally from this area, the zoo-botanical garden Arruda Camara, known as Bica has animal species in the region and exotic and a huge variety of plants.

Isca de Mero

With over 420 years of history, João Pessoa is the third oldest city in Brazil. Therefore, the well preserved old town keeps a rich cultural and architectural heritage. Veradouro area is a small square where are the Hotel Globo – from which gardens can have a wonderful view Sanhauá River at sunset, the Church of São Frei Pedro Gonçalves colorful and picturesque facades at night are home to various expressions cultural. Traveling on foot, we can reach the resort of São Francisco. Composed of a church and a convent. This museum belongs to the rich historical heritage and culture can be traveled entirely Brazilian. There are exhibit samples of tropical baroque, mixed with Portuguese tiles in excellent condition and pieces of sacred art.

Leaving the city to the north, visitors find more attractions: the sandbank known as Areia Vermelha (Red Sand), appears at low tide forming a small island and warm water pools. You can get there by boat from the beach Costinha. Finally, the Jacaré river beach is a meeting point to enjoy the sunset, sitting in one of the bars deployed at border Paraíba River. These and many other attractions await the visitor who wants to discover João Pessoa.

Areia Vermelha - João Pessoa

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