Cultural tourism in the Canary Islands – Part II

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Cultural tourism in the Canary Islands – Part II

Cultural Tourism: 
In’re on vacation in the Canary Islands, you immerse yourself in its history, and continental role tri rich cultural life. On each island, historic cities, museums, art centers and parks, archaeological and ethnographic transport you to times and different scenarios. Vestiges of life of Aboriginal people and the passage of the conquistadors, the artistic creation of leading and recognized music and film festivals are your guides on this fascinating cultural journey …

Cultural Tourism

Photography by DHausBT
Holiday culture:

Live your vacation in the Canary Islands through its culture. Centuries of history, a strategic location in the middle of three worlds and the consequent convergence of people and lifestyles on the islands have carved a unique culture and rich. In the Canary Islands find the possibility to enjoy a family vacation that includes full mornings or afternoons in which to meet the complex and diverse Canarian culture, a culture that is expressed not only in traditions, crafts and cuisine but also in the arts: from architecture, painting and sculpture to literature, film and photography, through music, dance and theater.

Tourism in the Canary Islands

Museums, archaeological sites and art centers:

Museums, archaeological sites and art centers give you the opportunity to take a different and fascinating walk through the Canary Islands. Learn and understand the pulse of these islands, check your external and internal features through another look is an experience not to be missed. Each island contains chapters on ancient and recent history, looks to future scenarios that will reveal the soul of the Canaries. Open your mind and let it get lost in different worlds that you speak of anthropology, history, ethnography, religious art and modern art. 

Canary Islands Museums:

Canary museums make you feel witness to the passing of discoverers and conquerors of the islands or spend a day in the life of its natives, make you feel in the midst of the cosmos in space devoted to science, they make you dream and vibrate with their centers Art of all kinds, from those dedicated to the solemnity of sacred art to those that reflect the strength of modern art. 

Culture in the Canary Islands:

There is more, much more culture in the Canary Islands, where you can enjoy all kinds of creative events each day of the year. On each island you find passion and interest in the arts and discover interesting local shows alongside the most prestigious names in the global art scene, filling the exhibition halls and theaters, large gatherings of traditional and contemporary crafts, photography and visual arts, auditoriums and festivals international music of all styles and film, as well as delicious concerts and outdoor festivals that bring you closer to all performing arts under the starry sky in the Canary Islands and clean.

Holiday culture in the Canary Islands

Photography by Mataparda

The Canary Islands are cosmopolitan islands of great height!

Part I: Cultural tourism in the Canary Islands

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