Cultural activity and tourism Cartagena de Indias

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Tourism Cartagena de Indias

Declared in 1985 by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cartagena de Indias is considered one of the most beautiful cities in America and features. Still preserving its history in the urban and dominated by the Caribbean Sea, stands one of the key sites of the conquest of the Americas
The origin of the city is in the process of colonization of the continent, where there was a need for domination of the interior and, in turn, serve as a port for trade between the metropolis and its colonies. For this reason, Don Pedro de Heredia founded the city in 1533, rising on the site which had previously been occupied by the indigenous village Calamari.

Between the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the city experienced a building with the construction of urban buildings and monuments in various architectural styles that are still standing at present. Today, in addition to the industrial and port city highlights, especially for its tourism component, as one of the most attractive cities in Colombia.

The monumental city:
Cartagena de Indias is full of places to visit, where they emphasize, importantly, the religious buildings. The cathedral was built between the end of the XVI and XVII and the beginning of what has evolved over the years, both in the front and inside.

Another of the great religious buildings of the city is the Convent of Santa Clara, which was built in the seventeenth century as a cloister for nuns. Today it has become a luxury hotel.

The Convent of the Popa is another interesting place in the city. The view from there is magnificent, as it is built on the highest hill in town. The chapel is the Virgin of the Candelaria, patron saint of Cartagena.

The Gate Clock is called the old city gate that was rebuilt in the eighteenth century and at present consists of three vaults and the clock tower.

Cultural activity and tourism Cartagena de Indias

The city is the burden of other significant buildings like the Casa del Marqués de Valdehoyos, a mansion that reflects the splendor of the nobility of the colonial era, with its staircases, gardens, large halls, and which today houses the Joint Promotion Fund Tourism and the Chancery Office and the National Corporation for Tourism.

Neoclassical style, stands the Teatro Heredia, formed as the epicenter of cultural activity and tourism during the last century until it was abandoned in mid-century.

In the city you can also visit the colonial era fortifications such as Fort San Felipe, a work that is considered the most important defensive by the Spanish military engineering in America, full of traps and tunnels.

Other constructions can also have a visit and tour graninterés are the Castillo de San Fernando de Bocachica or the San Juan de Manzanillo and Santa Cruz of Castillo grande.

Shopping and excursions:
In the city are three kinds of typical products: handicraft, jewelry and antiques. The latter are found in antique shops that abound throughout the city. There are also large numbers of jewelers and craftsmen jewelers, experts particularly emeralds.

Cartagena de Indias

The city, in addition to a tour in which cover all its architectural beauty, offers alternatives such as the excursion to the Islas Del Rosario. Fifty minutes sailing from the coast of the city come to this archipelago, where the visitor can contemplate and enjoy the crystal clear waters and white sands of the beach.

Cartagena de Indias of the tour

The set is heavenly, and offers a great sense of calm and tranquility. There is also an aquarium that contains species of tropical marine life.

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