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Croatia is a country that is slowly emerging as a tourist destination for many travelers in search of new territories to discover. This piece of old Europe offers an amazing version of Mediterranean landscapes dominated by towns full of history, chestnut forests, crops combed hills of vineyards and a coastline of legendary beauty.

Croatian relief marked by the presence Balkan presents a large number of peaks and valleys dotted with not very high forests, meadows and fields. Its terrain is also marine vocation, and its famous archipelago comprises 1185 islands and islets, of which 66 are inhabited. This combination between sea and mountains provides the existence of a rich and varied cuisine is worth the punishment to bar discovery of the enjoyment of their landscapes.

If we are on the Adriatic coast enjoying summer vacation, we cannot prove the benefits offered by this hidden area of the Mediterranean, full of secret coves. Fish, grilled or in soup, are delicious, as well as oysters or mussels from Ston (scampis called here) which must accompany one of the delicious wines from Istria and Dalmatia. Our appetizer should not miss the prsut, a kind of cured ham that is served with goat cheese and olives.

But when Croatia opens the senses is in the autumn. It is the time when the wineries located in the areas wineries open their doors to visitors to taste their superb wines and to discover ways of life still linked to the changing seasons and the times marked by the maturing nature.

Istria is a triangular region which can pass through seeking the secret of the longevity of their women, which many attribute to the beneficial properties of wine in the area.

Hub Vodnjan, Porec and Buzet, are some of the most prominent in this region of hills where vines grow on hirsuta only highlights the towers of the churches in town. Wines are produced here as fratricide or Ruza, fruity whites and reds that flavors palate with other foods can star in the region, such as olive oil, which accompanies all dishes, smoked ham and truffle. For the cold autumn nights nothing better than the traditional Istrian soup, made, of course, based on red wine and accompanied by peasant bread and a bit of olive oil.

This region is beginning to exploit the agro, so it is fairly easy to find accommodation on farms in part to accommodate disabled visitors. For fans of the slow times is that the amiability of the terrain allows Istria travel by bicycle.

Another destination with great charm is that of the chestnut Oraj. Throughout the weekend of October, the collection is accompanied by the chestnut festival in the inhabitants of the region to test their culinary skills preparing dozens of delectable dishes with the fruit as an actor.
Also in October is a tribute to the Istrian Peninsula to truffles. The mysterious fungus and appreciated excuse to organize gastronomic events in which either will not miss the wine.

As for the kitchen of the interior of Croatia, we must not forget that this land was once part of the Ottoman Empire and Austro-Hungarian, which has abundant cuisine dishes that evoke that ancient political influence. Hungary is the taste of the breaded (fogging everything from meat to fish through mushrooms) to wine and goulash or rabbit. We also have a reputation in its grilled meats and sausages skewered. Of the Austrians got a taste for pastries powerful based fritters, strudels and rolls cake.

The delicious pistachio vaklava Turkish recalls footprint. Among the spirits out as the appetizer prosek, but to sign a copious meal, nothing better than a glass of travarica or maraskino prepared with cherries Dalmatia.

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  1. Rog Perez Says:

    Completly disappointed. No beaches to go, even tough advertising entice you with beaches.
    Overprice. Western countries prices in hotels.
    Don´t go to Nautica restaurant in Dubrovnik. They just charge 100€ as if you were in Bond Street.
    Don´t go to this restaurant.

  2. Alston Vela Says:

    Croatia is something know as the country of a thousand islands. If you have ever dreamed about being on a small island alone with someone, this is the place for you. If you are a nature lover, a travel to Croatia offers: camping, mountain hiking/biking, rafting, scuba diving and skydiving.

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