Cordoba – Tourism Night 2010

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A trip to Cordoba in Spain, involved from making visits to monuments, culture, knowledge of the flamenco or jazz, these being just some of the proposals to measure the thermometer of the attractions in the city, where for the vast congregation of tourists who want to experience to know the culture of the city at night, this being the real protagonist. For the months of August and September 2010 will be the chance to meet at night.

Cordoba - Tourism Night

Photography by Alaskan Dude

Are you interested? Cordoba has decided to change the game to be the culture, the real protagonist of his summer nights. Where stand nightly visits to the Mosque or the Alcázar, flamenco or are just some of the proposals.

Córdoba A few weeks ago had the dubious honor of sharing more than 25 degrees and experience the hottest night of the year 2010. Partly for this reason the city of Cordoba has decided to enhance the nightlife of the city opened the gates of the mosque and the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos with a rich cultural offerings and the popular “Walks Cordoba” by which it is possible learn more about some aspects of the stories that hide the white walls of the ghetto.

Gardens of kings:

In the month of August the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos. It shows up as a good opportunity to learn the culture of the city at night. Only this month will be possible to enter at night in the second most visited monument in Cordoba, surrounded by the solid walls of the fort to enjoy the beauty and splendor of their gardens at night, since night visits in September to move to Mosque to continue there for the rest of the year.

Alcazar doors will be open all month from Tuesday to Saturday from 21.00 to 00.00 hours at the price of 2 euros per person without the need at any time waiting in line for membership. Once inside, it’s easy to get caught by the beauty of the enclave, dominated by the previously unknown and unique lighting that accompanies the walls and four towers that form the rectangular characteristics of the fortress: the lions, that of the Inquisition and Las Palomas. All this is accompanied by the constant murmur of the water in the arching streams that flow through the pools of the place. The water just call five minutes before midnight, subtly indicating the time of closing.

The Mezquita (marble and granite in the night):

Standard and is the undisputed symbol of the capital, the Mosque. It is a monument Muslim and Christian world’s most famous. Which is about to open its doors to those who want to experience what felt like the characters in the fortunate place in the past and where the tourist will have the opportunity to stroll at night in the cool feel of marble and granite, together of the columns that are inside the Mosque. However, although the project was announced very early years, you can not visit the monument at night until September 2010.

The route proposed by the City Council is for the privileged group of 80 people, advance booking, visit the temple in which take one hour and propose different stages: First, an audiovisual display of ten minutes duration in the same Patio de los Naranjos that, as a brief documentary of no more than ten minutes, will narrate the history of the monument, whose construction began in 786. After the screening, visitors will at last a free hand to enter the temple and enjoy the interior accompanied by a sound and light installation specially adapted for the occasion so you can see in more detail the materials used for building 1,300 columns or watch the beautiful Mihrab. The night visit to the Mosque, is an unforgettable experience to develop in the Municipality of Cordova!.

Tourism in Cordoba

Photography by Nic’s events

Walking through the Jewish Quarter:

For those who do not have enough to visit the main icons of the city are able to dig deep into the pavement of the old town and soak in the history accompanied by an expert guide who will accompany you along a route of two-hour through the most charismatic of the city of the caliphs. The places to visit are La Torre de la Calahorra, the Roman Bridge, the famous Capuchin or an aperitif in a classic tavern Cordoba, are some of the stages of this ambitious proposal available all year and ideal for immersing yourself in Jewish life.

Like with the monuments mentioned above, the visit begins once the sun has fallen and so the start time varies throughout the year, with the later 2130 and of 1930 the earliest.

These guided tours are available every day of the week during the months of July, August, September and October and on Fridays, Saturdays, holidays and holiday eves the rest of the year. The price of this tour is 15 euros for adults and € 7 for children 5 to 12 years to be free entry for children under 5 years.

More than monuments and squares:

The cultural offer ends with a wide range of options to spice up the night with the rhythm of flamenco. Without leaving the Jewish quarter, near the mosque, going to the flamenco show “Cardinal”, with more than 25 years of tradition, is one of the most important showcases of flamenco to the extent that there have gathered recognized examples of world-class later acted even in New York. It offers entertainment all year round except Sundays and holidays. You can also enjoy the flamenco, but this time on the streets on makeshift stages, and some of the ingredients of the spell of the night Cordoba in the summer months.

Attractions in Cordoba

Photography by ABACERIA DEL SUR

Enjoy the nightlife this 2010 in Córdoba!

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