Colima has a great diversity of tourist attractions

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Puerto de Manzanillo Colima por Paco Juarez.

Colima is the fourth smallest state in Mexico, the capital is the same name, comprising the municipalities of Armeria, Colima, Comala Coquimatlán, Manzanillo, Minatitlan, Tecoma, Villa de Álvarez, and Cuauhtémoc Ixtlahuacán. Known as the City of palms”, stands out for its lush countryside and majestic volcanoes, owner of a rich culture, history and the gentle nature of Colima people make an ideal destination for travel and sightseeing.

Despite the size of this state, is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico, as they say good things come in small packages. Colima has a great diversity of tourist attractions which have given popularity to Mexico as a tourist destination. Here you can develop ecotourism, an activity that seeks to promote responsible tourism practice in caring for our environment, adventure travel, where travelers will experience a holiday full of emotions.

Sports such as mountain biking, climbing on volcanoes, Tandem flight, diving, surfing, boogie boarding, Mirage and Kayaking, can be developed in rural communities or urban areas outside the state of Colima.
But if you want something more sedate can decide for farm tourism, rural photography, eco archeology and participating in craft workshops. The unique geography of Colima shows us the beauty of the verdant valleys, its beautiful beaches and of course an extraordinary view of the Fire Volcano and the magnificent snowy Colima.
In the most hidden natural treasures you’ll find dreamy, transparent lagoons, caves and picturesque villages.
Colima has a wide variety of microclimates that give shelter to a very diverse flora and fauna ecosystem existing in the upper flora consists of pine, oak and myrtle, predominant species.

Laguna de Carrizalillos por THe cUriOUs OYsTEr.

Colima boasts a fine dining, among which are the cubes that is covered with chopped roasted and bathed in sauce, posole, corn cooked with pork and a variety of tamales. It is said that one of the great passions of Colima, is the kitchen. Colima has large hands with artisans who give free rein to your imagination to create a varied and beautiful craftsmanship, using materials like wood, metal, ceramics, fibers, leather in which they use various techniques to achieve a work of art.

Another attraction of Colima are their festivals and fairs where religious syncretism combined with the fun. The people are cheerful, honest and kind who are always ready to help the visitor.
Colima has a pleasant climate despite its diversity due to its geography, the average annual temperature between 28 ° C, with maximum of 38 ° C and minimum 7 ° C.

La bonita Colima por J Dailey.

Colima is waiting to go together the corners historical, cultural, natural spaces, recreation and learn about their folklore.

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