Cheap flights to Singapore

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Singapore, an island located in the southern state of Johor, specifically in the Malaysian peninsula, north of Riau Islands and is separated from them only by a strait. Would you like to know the smallest country in Southeast Asia? Then we then due to more attractive in this area of the planet.

Singapore Cityscape

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Before starting our search for cheap flights, let’s talk a bit about the history of the place. For many centuries, this island was known as Temasek, its original name, but was renamed later, by a prince Parameswara in the fourteenth century, such as Singapore which translates into Spanish as the city of lions.

Recall that by the year 1819, this was taken by the British Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, and since Singapore became a British colony, stripping the Netherlands trade monopoly.

Singapore Airlines

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Now, let’s get to what really interests us, the journey. If one wants to get to this remote island of the most economical way, then you have to take a stroll through the many websites that offer this service. But here, we detail a summary of the most economical way to reach this wonderful destination.

One of the airlines offering tickets at the cheapest prices, is the Netherlands’ KLM offered a fee of 684 €, for the route from Madrid to Singapore, with a single scale, which takes place in Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands .

For a slightly higher price, € 731, you can buy a ticket for the same destination, the French airline Air France, with the difference that the connection is made at the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle.

In this case, Germany’s Lufthansa, offers higher rates and therefore may not be getting tickets for this route, for prices below € 921, which remains economical when compared to prices offered by other airlines, which can reach 5000 €.

Offers are available almost all the time, if bookings are made well in advance prior to travel.

Singapore Airlines: One of the most prestigious airlines

Who has not wished at some time in their lives to travel in a plane very luxurious services we provide first class? Feel the comfort of the finest service and most tasty and delicious gourmet dishes now make air travel a very important part of tourism plan that we handle.

That is why this time we will meet one of the most prestigious airlines in the world of commercial aviation.

One of the most important is the Asian Singapore Airlines. It is worth mentioning that the airline has a presence in Southeast Asia, North Asia, the western yellow continent, America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East. The airline, as its name indicates is a native of Singapore.

Other types of services they provide include the fine dishes and spirits that can be enjoyed at any time, access to a TV itself full of movies and video games among several options that become more than just details.

Cheap flights to Singapore

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Recently we have learned that the airline founded in 1947, has launched a new route between the French capital, Paris and Singapore by its giant A380 Airbus aircraft. This means that this aircraft, considered today as the largest in the world, has finally made its first flight by European skies. I also interested to know that Spain is also targeted by the airline and that is how has decided to offer a direct route between Barcelona and Singapore. What do you think? 

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