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Weekend in Vienna

Viernes, diciembre 31st, 2010

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is an ideal place to spend an unforgettable weekend visit the old town, or their incredible palaces such as Schönbrunn, and interesting museums such as the Belvedere.


Photography by por nonanet

To get to know Vienna (if it is a Saturday), we recommend starting the route on the antiques market Naschmarket (Kettenbrückengasse Metro station), where we can find any type of object imaginable new or used. After stops in antiquities, began the food market, with many bars and stores with fruit and fancy products. (más…)

The headlights of the world

Miércoles, diciembre 29th, 2010

The headlights are constructions near the coast to help ships in the sea and warn of the dangers on the coast or harbor entrance.

The origin of the word is due to the lighthouse beacon built in the island of Pharos, opposite the city of Alexandria in ancient Egypt. This building, shaped tower built by the architect Sostratos of Knidos by order of Ptolemy II, had a height of 134 meters above the fire around to guide the ships to over 50 km away.

The island of Pharos

Photography by Lansbricae

The lighthouse of Alexandria, (más…)

Weekend in Edinburgh

Viernes, diciembre 24th, 2010

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. One of its main advantages is that its small size allows us to visit on a weekend getaway. But surely, the visitor will want to return, dazzled by the charm of the city, where the atmosphere is midway between the medieval and nineteenth-century.


Photography by kyz

To start your visit to Edinburgh, we recommend arriving by bus or walk to Princess Street, and start from there visit the old city center.

Princess Street is one of the main streets of the city, along with its parallel, Queen Street and George Street, home to most of Edinburgh’s finest restaurants, the shops recommended and most atmospheric pubs in the city. From the esplanade of Princes Street is accessible to the National Gallery of Scotland, the Royal Scottish Academy, and Waverley train station. From here you can see Edinburgh Castle at the top of the hill, and we’ll take it as a reference because it will surely be the next stop on our tour of Edinburgh. (más…)

The Parliament of Hungary, Budapest architectural marvel

Lunes, noviembre 29th, 2010

The Hungarian Parliament, built between 1885 and 1902, is a symbol of the sovereignty of the country and one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. In its time of construction, the building was the oldest parliament in the world (today is the third, after Romania and Argentina) and a clear example of the Hungarian economic and cultural power of the late nineteenth century, which would be turned off almost in full in the next century, due to the two World Wars and the Cold War that would follow. Note that at that time, Hungary had a territory three times the current.

The Parliament of Hungary

Photography by Spacelives

Background and motivation (más…)

Tips for visiting Copenhagen Tivoli

Lunes, noviembre 22nd, 2010

Tivoli is the oldest amusement park in the world, and we can find in the heart of Copenhagen, occupying a large block of the district of Vesterbro. Remains virtually the same as when it opened, back in 1843. Of course we have been incorporating modern attractions and more sophisticated over the years, but the original spirit remains intact.

Copenhagen Tivoli

Photography by La Citta Vita

The park is a small wonder, to transfer the access door is moved to another time, its palaces, gardens, lighting are very different to what we are accustomed … attractions are not as modern as those of existing parks, but that is why help build a very particular, which makes up for this “defect.” (más…)

Journey to the North Pole to hunt for northern lights

Miércoles, noviembre 17th, 2010

Surely one of the most impressive natural spectacles are the Northern Lights. Auroras are brightness in the sky that appear at the time of sunrise or sunset at polar latitudes.

Journey to the North Pole to hunt for northern lights

Photography by Image Editor

Scientifically, the aurora borealis occurs when a set of solar mass, which comes in powder form, strikes north and south poles of the Earth’s magnetosphere, producing a diffuse but predominantly projected in the Earth’s ionosphere.

Places to observe the aurora borealis: (más…)

Oktoberfest, the big beer festival in Munich

Domingo, noviembre 14th, 2010

The Oktoberfest is a festival of 16-day held in the Bavarian city of Munich, Germany, and begins the first Saturday after September 15. Held in the area known as Theresienwiese (Prado de Teresa), near the city center, near the Central Station (Hauptbahhof). It is the largest outdoor fair in the world, with more than 7 million visitors each year. It first held in 1810 and served as the 200-year history.


Photography by Tim Sheerman-Chase

Beer is the true protagonist of the event, to the point that it begins when the mayor of Munich Bavarian Prime Minister served the first pitcher of beer specially made for Oktoberfest (Wiesnbier), which is slightly darker and stronger than regular beer. Served in a liter jug, called Mass. Only Munich breweries are allowed to serve this variant of beer. (más…)

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