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Piriápolis, magical, golden city of Uruguay

Viernes, abril 30th, 2010

Uruguay - Piriápolis

Less than an hour by car from the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, heading east, stands, surrounded by hills, a town charm in the eyes of those who first discovered. A nineteenth-century visionary, Francisco Piria, the invented and named as his particular Resort of the Future. This is Piriápolis in the department of Maldonado, a city whose streets were structured under the mysteries of Kabbalah and the mysteries of alchemy and has dashed to become one of the esoteric tourism destinations worldwide. But other tourism, leisure and services, which gives well-deserved reputation of this metropolis thanks to its spas, the quality of its beaches or the mystique that flows through every corner?. (más…)

Easter Island: isolated from the world

Jueves, abril 29th, 2010

In Easter Island, is the town farthest from any other inhabited place on the planet but is the place where you get more and more tourists. Reach the farthest place in the world is in itself a challenge full of curiosity and adrenaline. But here, almost 4,000 miles from any other inhabited place on the planet, other condiments, to the innate beauty of this archipelago of volcanic origin adds rich Polynesian culture and a history full of legends, myths and mysteries.

tourists, Moai, Ahu Tongariki, Easter Island

Photography by maryatexitzero

The island, (más…)

Tours of San Juan

Domingo, abril 25th, 2010

Im Nationalpark Ischigualasto

Trips to San Juan in Argentina, will enrich with its spectacular geographical backgrounds, involved in traveling frenzy of enthusiasm. Talk of the Province of San Juan in Argentina is to speak of the famous “mushroom”, which is the main rock formation of the park, and has become the tourist symbol of a province whose attractions are not enough to know in a week (or in a life), but can be walked in a few days to take a big impression, enjoy the landscape and keep wanting to return a few times. (más…)

Quito and Cuenca: The Hidden Pearl of the Andes

Sábado, abril 24th, 2010

Rural tourism in Ecuador

Photography by Peter Shanks

Nestled amid the mountains of Ecuador, Quito and Cuenca are two of the best preserved colonial cities in South America. With style, each attracts visitors for its art, architecture and history.

One of the favorite pastimes of the Ecuadorian visitors is to ask what city they found their most beautiful country: Quito, the capital of the clouds, and Cuenca, the Athens of the Andes? If title is, both boast a vast collection. Quito is considered the heart of the Ecuadorian national shrine by his mixed and art history in America, while Cuenca received the title of cultural capital of the Americas for a long intellectual tradition. To maintain the balance in equilibrium, the UNESCO declared Heritage of Humanity by the impeccable preservation of its colonial past. (más…)

Huilo Huilo Reserve in Chile

Jueves, abril 22nd, 2010

Salto del Hilo Huilo

 Photography by Shiakku

Under the volcanoes, beside the glaciers, among the great lakes, the fragrant, the silent, the tangled Chilean forest. It is the vastness of the landscape of the forest, amid the Chilean Patagonian Andes. By discovering the magic of the forest and surprise with its diversity, venturing into the volcano Mocho-Choshuenco or feel the fullness of Lake Pirehueico, the choices multiply to the visitors of the nature reserve Huilo Huilo, just 45 miles from San Martin de los Andes, crossing the border with Chile. (más…)

Bolivia: The spirit of Chiquitanía

Domingo, abril 18th, 2010

Bolivia: The spirit of Chiquitanía

In Santa Cruz de la Sierra, a tour of towns and villages in the Chiquitanía, cultural center created by the Jesuits in the seventeenth century. Typical dishes and traditions.

Over 200 km northeast of this city and the progress of colonization was crossed with thirteen original nations and developed a strategy that emphasizes creativity, rather than the model that encouraged the submission of blood and fire. The stunning architecture of the temples constructed between 1691 and 1760 was accompanied by music workshops and schools of carved wood, gold and silver. (más…)

Park Tayrona in Colombia

Viernes, abril 9th, 2010

Tayrona National Park, Colombia by Swiss Chica.

Luxury huts, hammocks, Indian ruins and jungle. Tayrona Park promises variety but, ultimately, what matters is its incomparable beaches. Postcards turned into reality with reason, are always mentioned among the best in the world. There was once white sand beaches and transparent waters were only hippies. All the infrastructure was reduced to a bar, selling beer Aguila and noodles and Marlboro cigarettes, to house, had a couple of beds, some tents and hammocks where dozens of backpackers sleeping under palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. It was the Parque Tayrona. (más…)

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