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Tips for visiting Japan

Domingo, mayo 16th, 2010

Japan is one of the world’s most developed countries, with a wide range of hotels and very good transport network, while domestic flights and taxis are expensive, it is best to move underground in the cities.  To move by train, Japan has the most luxurious and modern rail network point in the world. Nor is it difficult to use the bus or tram, but we must be more attentive to the seasons.

Tips for visiting Japan

Photography by Peter Shanks

Japan is a country with nearly four thousand islands. The most important places to visit might be: Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shibuya and Kyoto. (más…)

New Delhi: 10 must-see attractions

Viernes, mayo 14th, 2010

Travel to New Delhi is certainly an adventure, and that is the capital of the Indian Republic was transformed over time in the independent cities of this region. No doubt all the tourists will be interested to know that this city was born as a concise planning, however, thanks to the English rulers moved the capital in 1911 to the city from Calcutta, built in a completely urban area.

New Delhi to India

Photography by ampersandyslexia

Its climate is typical of Southeast Asia, even if it might be characterized as being somewhat drier, with a wet season in summer and another dry season. Rains are rare and usually there is enough sun, so visitors should keep up to date before traveling to this location, it draws attraction and entertainment from the first minute they stepped on land in New Delhi. (más…)

Sightseeing in Tokyo

Miércoles, abril 21st, 2010

Hozomon, the main gate por rdesai.

por rdesai
In order to enter the Old Tokyo will have to go to Asakusa station, where Sensoji is one of the oldest temples in Japan, visited by more than 20 million people per year. The spectacular complex, which dates from 632 and where they worship the goddess Kannon, also has a beautiful five-story pagoda. In terms of access, there is a market with many stalls, where you will find all sorts of traditional souvenirs, such as hachimachi (handkerchiefs to tie in the front) and variety of yukata, summer kimono’s frescoes. Kappabashi Nearby is an area of bazaars and famous Japanese dishes cutlery. (más…)

Taiwan: Their technology and their gods

Viernes, abril 16th, 2010

Taiwan: Their technology and their gods 

Taiwan is one of the “Asian tigers” have arisen in the last decades of the twentieth century. High levels of industrialization and technological development and mysterious temple where the faithful continue to speak with the gods.

Taiwan is one of the “Asian tigers” have emerged in the last decades of the twentieth century, with a level of industrialization and technological development among the highest in the world. So agriculture was reduced to a minimum, the food is imported and there is almost no more room. So factories are mushrooming everywhere and cities are increasingly widespread. And maybe in the near future to form a single large city. (más…)

Bangalore: Travel Tips – Part II

Lunes, abril 12th, 2010

Restaurant por Preferred Hotel Group.

Following the post, we will say that this time we will talk about eating and useful information you should know before arriving in Bangalore. Now continue with the story.


For lovers of spicy, this is gastronomic heaven. For those who do not spend a bean chili or pepper should clarify and reiterate that the dish be prepared without seasoning or directly state: “I’m allergic to the main meal”.

Of course there is no beef on the menu of Indian restaurants. The meats on offer are lamb, pork or chicken. The letter difference with a red circle in non-vegetarian meals and one green for which they are made with only vegetables. (más…)

Nepal: The sacred secrets of the kingdom

Sábado, abril 10th, 2010

The sacred secrets of the kingdom

The natural splendor of Nepal and the intense religiosity of its people are caught in a trip to the Himalayas Kathmandu.

According to legend, this ancient kingdom born of a lotus flower floating, solitary, in the lake which once occupied the valley of Kathmandu. Today, Nepal enchants with its ancient culture, with the mysticism that permeates the daily lives of its inhabitants, with its fertile valleys and majestic mountains that are a stairway to heaven of all Eastern religions and beliefs.

There are no more traces of the hippies who made Nepal a place of worship, crazy back in the ’60s, and settled in this corner of Asia within the international tourism map. Young foreigners who used to pass through the narrow winding streets of Kathmandu, the capital of this land of harmony and meditation, have now been replaced by more conventional tourists who experience a fascination for the beauty and history of this country, which survive legends such as the Yeti, the abominable snowman, and Kumari, the goddess-girl girls chosen from the Sakya caste. (más…)

Travel to Taipei of Taiwan

Sábado, marzo 13th, 2010

IMG_3491 por sullivan@Taiwan.

The most Westernized of the Chinese provinces have the third tallest building and world’s fastest elevator. Prodigal in national parks, beauty and curiosities, yet keeps one of the Malay tribes that inhabited the island for the first time. Women plant tea and men teach classes in tai-chi. At the heart of the mountain. Dozens of tunnels and bridges built without the aid of machinery crossing the main mountain range of Taiwan. Taiwan is where Chiang Kai-shek and his nationalist followers fled in 1949 after fleeing Mao Tse Tung and his army. His sovereignty is still disputed. It is a major player in the world of high technology. Its capital, Taipei, with a population of 22.7 million, claims the world’s tallest building. Rest in plate tectonics, and is regularly hit by earthquakes. A short drive brings us to the Democracy Monument in Taiwan was built in honor of Chiang Kai-shek. (más…)

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