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Asturias – A tour of Gijón

Miércoles, diciembre 23rd, 2009

Gijon por manolinlao. 

Gijón is located along the Bay of Biscay, between Cape Thompson and the tip of Cervigón, and between South Bay and Santa Catalina de Gijón or San Lorenzo. The first human settlement in Gijon V century BC C., in Campa Torres, where they founded the town called Cilúmigos Noega. (más…)

Barcelona of the most beautiful cities in Spain

Miércoles, diciembre 9th, 2009

 Agbar Tower, Barcelona (3) by Klaus Dolle - Photography.

Barcelona, capital of Catalonia and of the homonymous province, is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Walk along Roman ruins and medieval city and even into the modern neighborhoods, with characteristic buildings, square blocks, tree-lined streets and avenues too wide, but first get a cheap flight to the city and a hotel in Barcelona. (más…)

A tour of the Costa del Sol

Domingo, diciembre 6th, 2009

The Costa del Sol is an internationally recognized tourist destination. Vacation destination of many tourists both domestic and from abroad. Retreat of German and English, mostly. And is that the Costa del Sol offers as we need and ask: leisure, quality of life, good beaches, happiness, good prices and a map of towns worth visiting.  Malaga, its capital, is an open, always ready to welcome you with smile making whoever visit and enjoy their streets and beaches. In it, the tourist museums, shows, music, and a monumental importance. And above all, a typical Mediterranean cuisine. From here, from Malaga, we begin a journey that will take us along the Costa del Sol, whose first stop we will be in Torremolinos, one of the famous places to take accommodation in the Costa del Sol. (más…)

Sanlucar de Barrameda, a resort town

Sábado, noviembre 28th, 2009

sanlucar de barrameda por conchwillow.

Located in the strategic enclave formed by the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, the town of Sanlucar de Barrameda belongs to the Spanish province of Cadiz, Andalusia Autonomous Community, is located on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River and part of the Atlantic coast of Andalusia and Facing the Doñana National Park. (más…)

Tourism in Aguilas of Murcia

Sábado, noviembre 21st, 2009

Tourism in Aguilas of Murcia

Eagle is part of the Murcia coast, is an ancient city, as witness to it keeps the Municipal Archaeological Museum archaeological remains of different cultures that settled in these lands. Known as the warm coast has great tourist attractions such as underground caverns that were discovered in the area of Cabo Cope, inside which were found cave paintings and ancient human remains. But it was the Roman culture which left more marks on these lands off the coast of Murcia and then was the Arabs who also left the witness of their presence in Aguilas, they found archaeological remains testify. (más…)

Trip to Almuñécar – Granada Andalusia

Miércoles, noviembre 18th, 2009

Almuñécar is a coastal community, is located in the autonomous community of Andalusia, on the coast of Granada province is a major resort, rural air city, highlighting their house painted white, washed by the waters Mediterranean Sea and surrounded by mountains. (más…)

Tourism in the city of Barcelona

Viernes, noviembre 13th, 2009

Tourism in the city of Barcelona

Barcelona, a beautiful Spanish city, capital of Catalonia, on the shores of the Mediterranean, is the second largest city of Spain, is composed of 36 municipalities. Barcelona’s climate is mild and warm, typical of the Mediterranean sea areas, with abundant rainfall during most of the year and drought in the summer months. Barcelona is a very active economically and because it supports immigration is also a cosmopolitan city. (más…)

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