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Philadelphia, birthplace of American independence

Sábado, agosto 8th, 2009

Philadelphia, now almost pass for his city geographic location, keep in your heart that one day the key took thirteen colonies founded by the British to gain independence from France, United Kingdom. This place was so important to the July 4, 1776 in a building that even today you can visit in this city: the Philadelphia Independence Hall (Independence Hall). (más…)

Teotihuacan, a city of the gods

Viernes, julio 3rd, 2009

Panorámica de Teotihuacan por bdebaca.

Teotihuacan Anabella Squiripa 4 is the largest city of pre-Columbian Mesoamerican culture. It is located in the homonymous valley, which forms part of the Basin of Mexico, about 40 km northeast of Mexico City. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the ceremonial center is one of the most important through their monumental architecture, master planning and its strong religious and political influence exerted on the cultures before. (más…)

Traveling to New York

Domingo, junio 28th, 2009

New York is the city that never sleeps, one of the largest in the world. Millions of people travel here each year, attracted by its monuments, shopping and the incredible atmosphere of Broadway and the Big Apple. The best time to travel to New York in September and October is when the temperature is more pleasant as the spring and summer are somewhat uncomfortable with the heat, and winter is very cold. (más…)

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve (Mexico)

Lunes, junio 8th, 2009

Where the sky is born in the Castilian voice Maya Sian Ka’an. This is called the ecological reserve located along the Caribbean coast of Mexico. A place where mixed tropical forests, wetlands, coastal landscapes and marine harbor enormous animal and plant species.

It covers 607,028 hectares Eden natural protected by the Mexican government in the State of Quintana Roo. Recognized as a World Heritage Site and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Sian Ka’an line shows the particularity of, in equal parts by several ecosystems. Swamps and sheets together with tropical forests and bays, lagoons and coral reefs. Can you imagine crossing a landscape rich? (más…)

The main attractions are Canada

Martes, mayo 26th, 2009


Canada is a country with low population density areas, grasslands, forests, snowy mountains, well-preserved environment and quality of life in urban areas.

Most of its population is concentrated in the cities of milder climate near the border with the United States, south on the Atlantic coast and the valley of the St. Lawrence, Quebec, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa.

Cities are where the main attractions are Canada, Quebec, Toronto, Montreal, Niagara Falls and Vancouver. (más…)

Quebec – Canada

Miércoles, mayo 6th, 2009

West of Hudson Bay extends the Canadian province of Quebec, most of the great country of the north American continent. Is known for its peculiar language, which makes it take the French as an official language, a unique case in America.

This trait, coupled with its turbulent history, has fostered a feeling among citizens with regard to their English neighbors. This special feeling is translated over time into a genuine desire for independence was about to be conducted in October 1995 following a series of referendums. (más…)

Anchorage, Alaska in an adventure

Sábado, abril 25th, 2009

Far from any site is the small town of Anchorage, the place to enter one of the last unspoiled regions of the planet. One hundred thousand glaciers, herds of caribou and Kodiak bears are the claim that this part of the world offers to those who love adventure.

In Anchorage, one in 58 inhabitants is the airplane pilot, a proportion that is comparable to that of motorcyclists in Naples. Not surprisingly, small planes are the means of transportation helped to walk the vast state of Alaska, only equipped with roads and with a population rate of less than half inhabitant per square kilometer. (más…)

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