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Havana Vieja the travel lanes of this historic

Miércoles, junio 24th, 2009

According to historical tradition, Havana was the last of the seven villages founded by order of Diego Velázquez. One of his deputies, Panfilo Narvaez, was founded July 25 final of 1514, known as San Cristobal de la Habana, for the saint who was being held that day. Some time later, apparently because it’s unhealthy place, some of the neighbors asked for permission to emigrate toward the north coast, where they settled Casiguaguas beside the river, now known as Almendares. (más…)

The attraction of the archipelago state of Puerto Rico

Viernes, marzo 27th, 2009

The attraction of the archipelago state of Puerto Rico, located northeast of the Caribbean to the west of the Virgin Islands and the eastern Dominican Republic. In addition to the main island, Puerto Rico, are part of the archipelago islands Vieques, Culebra and Mona, among others. Is known worldwide as “The Island of Enchantment” for its spectacular beaches and majestic climates.

The climate of Puerto Rico is mostly tropical with high temperatures remain around 27 ° C throughout the year. The area south of the island is a little hotter than the north and the mountainous interior is much cooler than the coast. The hurricane season extends from June to November and the rains are common throughout the year. (más…)

The British Virgin Islands

Lunes, marzo 2nd, 2009

Also known as “the little secret of nature”, the British Virgin Islands are a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean waters of Francis Drake Channel, east of Puerto Rico. This is one of the main destinations of the world for its natural beauty, exotic flora and fauna and the low impact that tourism has resulted in various enclaves. Only 20 of the 36 islands are inhabited, notably, Virgin Gorda, José Van Dyke, Tortola and Anegada.
Weather: (más…)

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