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Halong Bay in Vietnam

jueves, febrero 24th, 2011

Halong Bay is one of the most beautiful parts of Southeast Asia. Named a World Heritage Site since 1994, has dealt with over 3000 islands and islets in 1500 sq km in the bay where the dragon has lasted millions of years of erosion, water and wind action. Is this as a place where you can sail under a romantic spot that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

Photography by gregw66

Islands of Halong Bay:

Halong Bay is a huge place full of places (almost) virgin you can enjoy the type of trip you have chosen to get to Halong Bay.

How to get there and see Halong Bay? (más…)

Tips and travel permits to Tibet

domingo, enero 9th, 2011

Tibet was an independent country (with some exceptions such as the Mongol invasions in the seventeenth century and the British occupation in 1904) until 1949. Despite these attacks, Tibet has maintained its cultural identity, even now, and since 1950, when China decided to seize their independence and protect them under the umbrella of «Greater China».

Tips and travel permits to Tibet

Photography by @ alex

This invasion affected approximately one million Tibetans and the Dalai Lama himself, who went into exile in India. The exodus began, and more than 100,000 Tibetans fled their country. As overwhelming data, we can highlight the presence of temples and monasteries, which rose from 2,700 in 1960 to just 8 in 1978. (más…)

Thailand: Tips for going from island to island

sábado, diciembre 25th, 2010

Visiting the islands of Thailand is a feast for the senses. There are countless attractions which include: turquoise waters, coral beaches of dazzling white when the sun shines, the lush vegetation and mangroves, the visibility of its waters, ideal for scuba diving, delicious cuisine … etc.

The islands of  Thailand

Photography by Shazron

To start planning the trip we have to divide the area of islands in two, as each stands on the side of the Thai coast. In the west, the islands washed by the Indian Ocean on the east side, which are located in the Gulf of Thailand. (más…)

5 things to avoid in Thailand

miércoles, diciembre 22nd, 2010

Thailand is the country safer and kind in Southeast Asia and probably also one of the safest in the world. Even if you’re a tourist just arrived, lost in the bustle of Bangkok, you will not feel in danger at any time.

5 things to avoid in Thailand

Photography by twicepix

Culture and especially the understanding of Thai life, is based on Buddhist principles, create a climate of tranquility and friendliness to visitors, it is hard not to feel at home within a few days. (más…)

The hilltribes of Thailand

lunes, diciembre 13th, 2010

The hilltribes of Thailand

The hill tribes living in northern Thailand in relative isolation. The tourism boom in the Southeast Asian country in these populations is introducing external elements that are starting to open a gap of permeability to modernity.

The hilltribes of Thailand

Fotografía por jenniferphoon

But not only tourism is affecting their way of life, but the deforestation caused by agricultural methods of burning and illegal logging is forcing towns to move to lower areas.

The tribes are divided into three main linguistic groups: the Tibeto-Burmese (Lisu, Lahu and Akha), Karen (Karen, Kayah) and the Austro-Thai (Hmong and Mien). Their language is borders that separates the Thai population, but not alone, since these semi-nomadic tribes, in many cases are coming from neighboring Myanmar, have no Thai citizenship and therefore live outside government assistance, although in the last twenty years is making a major effort to integrate these populations. (más…)

Three things you must see in Beijing

martes, noviembre 30th, 2010

China’s capital city is a callose of 16000 km2 and more than twenty million people. But the tourist who travels to Beijing, you may think people are visiting a giant made up of various neighborhoods, rather than a big business, as they seem other major Asian cities like Shanghai, Hong Kong or Tokyo.

Three things you must see in Beijing

Photography by a_verdoy

Its size and history make the city the way mandatory for all visitors to China. We recommend to visit to spend at least 5 days to allow time and see the most leisurely monuments, including the Great Wall of China. As it is difficult to devote five days to a city on the long trips we take, we suggest three essential places to be visited if you go to Beijing. (más…)

Sukhothai, historical and spiritual capital

miércoles, octubre 20th, 2010

In Sukhothai, the nature and Buddhism converge and merge into one. Located 440 km north of Bangkok, the first capital of the Thai kingdom is today a place of exceptional beauty, where visitors feel the need to walk quietly to preserve the peace and grandeur of the place.

Sukhothai, historical and spiritual capital

Photography by plusgood

The ancient Sukhothai, founded in 1238 is the cradle of all civilization and the current sanctuary for millions of Theravada Buddhists. If Thailand is easy to see monks doing their daily tasks and walking on streets and roads in the ancient Thai capital hundreds of them are concentrated in a monastery next to the main lake, which runs at a rate of once daily life and spiritual residents. (más…)

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