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Gambia, the Black Africa

Sábado, abril 25th, 2009

Gambia is one of the most accessible to visitors interested in entering for the first time in Black Africa. Despite its small size, its variety, and their biodiversity are staggering.

Once upon a country around a river: the fertile Gambia, on whose banks the Mandinga live, the Fula, the Wolof, the Jola, the Serahuli the Aku, the Manjago and Bambara. It is precisely this multi-ethnicity which drew the Gambian nation, as distinct cultural country that surrounds it on all four sides, Senegal, Wolof majority. Only the western tip of Gambia, which borders the Atlantic Ocean, is saved from the vicinity of Senegal, generally successful, well-avenue. (más…)

Morocco lies in the northwestern Africa

Martes, abril 14th, 2009

Morocco (Al-Maghribi al-Mamlaka) lies in the northwestern Africa. Bordered on the west by the Atlantic, the Mediterranean to the north, east and south with Algeria to Western Sahara and Algeria.

The north is the Rif mountains, which separates the coastal plain of the interior. Plateaus that stretch along the shores of the Atlantic give way to the east to the Atlas Mountains, which is divided into three main areas: the Middle Atlas, High Atlas and Anti Atlas. The area is located in the High Atlas Mount Toubkal, which is 4165 meters the highest point in the country. (más…)

South Africa: Tourism from land and sea

Domingo, marzo 15th, 2009

South Africa: Tourism from land and sea

Located at the southern tip of Africa, with coastlines on the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, is divided into three natural regions: a narrow coastal lowland is warm and humid, which is grown mainly in sugar cane plantations, and vineyards in the Cape region in the interior of the vast plateau stretching from the Veld, who constitute 40% of the territory where they were installed and large farms, wheat and corn and cattle and sheep ranches, and the northwest Rand, the mining region, with large cities and industries. The exploitation of mineral resources is the foundation of the economy is the world’s largest producer of gold and diamonds, manganese, and the second eighth of coal. Water resources are overexploited. Salinization is the greatest threat in dry regions. (más…)

Kenya – The country cradle of humanity

Jueves, febrero 26th, 2009

Kenya or rather the Republic of Kenya is a country in eastern Africa. The country is known for its history, culture and wildlife. A trip to Kenya will take you to explore the country, its culture, traditions and natural wonders. Kenya is surrounded by Tanzania, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda and the Indian Ocean. This country has been called “the cradle of humanity” by anthropologists, as the country has been the scene of numerous archaeological excavations have revealed the existence of human civilization nearly 20 million years ago. Kenya has a long history of colonization.

If you are planning to come on holiday to this exotic country, then it is advisable to have the tourist information, and allowing you to move around the country in a safe and smooth. (más…)

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